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Michigan Bar Exam One-sheets



These one-sheets are only available as an instant download.

JD Advising’s 24 Michigan Bar Exam One-Sheets discuss general highly tested principles of law.

They do not list every detail or nuance of every law and should not be used as a substitute for an outline. However, the One-Sheets themselves are extremely useful in aiding one’s understanding of the basics of the highly tested subjects as well as the kinds of things you can expect to see on your essay exam—and the kinds of things you should say on your essay exam.

These have been updated to reflect material that was tested on the July 2020 Michigan bar exam. 

These One-Sheets contain:

An overview of the most highly tested areas of law for each essay subject (as well as exam dates that the specific area was tested).

Clues in the fact pattern that should alert you to discussing certain issues in your answer.

Tips on how to organize your answers for certain subjects.

Specific statements of law that you should make when certain topics are tested.

The general conclusion for specific issues that are frequently tested on the essay portion of the Michigan Bar Exam.

These one-sheets are only available as an instant download.

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