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Our FREE Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE) Course is exceptional! Divided into 13 parts, we cover the highly tested issues on the MPRE in a comprehensive and efficient manner. Students who sign up for the MPRE Course will also receive:

  • A free copy of our exemplary MPRE outline (You receive a free copy to print on your own, or you can get a bound, printed version from us using the check out below!)
  • Over 200 simulated MPRE questions (and we are always adding more)
  • Free lectures for each part of the MPRE
  • A free copy of our MPRE One-Sheet
  • An MPRE study schedule (whether you start 1 week, 2 weeks, or 1 month out!)
  • MPRE test day tips and last-minute MPRE tips
  • Free MPRE electronic flashcards to aid in your memorization
  • The option to purchase NCBE-released MPRE questions

Get a hard copy of the MPRE Course Outline plus one set of JD Advising-developed MPRE questions here:


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30 reviews for MPRE Course

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    Dr Isaiah Otis Reid

    Greetings, The MPRE Prep Exam is great, it is thee most informative and inspiring exam that prepares any Law Student for the JD Exam thanks so much Dr Isaiah Otis Reid
    Forensic Science, Criminal Justice,
    And JD Law Student.

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    The JD Advising MPRE course is fantastic! The course materials are easy to understand (even for someone who has not opted for the Professional Responsibility course in their Law Schools). The illustrations mentioned after each legal rule are really helpful in better understanding the concepts. The MPRE one-sheet is a must to quickly revise the legal rules before your exam. I was taking the MPRE for the first time, and the only thing that was on my mind was to pass it in my first attempt. And I scored 111. This wouldn’t have been possible without the JD Advising MPRE course. Thank you!!

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    I am 64 years old. I found your 2019 MPRE on YouTube. I listened to your course every night, over and over, strictly paying attention to the conflict rules. It stuck in my head. Even though I sat through the exam, during the Covid19 scare, I passed. Thank and God bless you

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    The course was very informative and precise. I consider it a 99% guaranteed pass rate with the other percentage left to uncertainties of life .

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    This was the first time that I used JD Advising after using another study aid and I dramatically improved my score by 15 points from the previous MPRE exam. I wished I had taken JD Advising from the very beginning and I would strongly suggest future test takers to consider using them.

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    JD Advising masters the substantive material and presents it in the best way possible for you to. 10/10 recommend

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    I worked as a rep for one of the major bar prep companies and didn’t pass on the first try… When I told my school I needed to retake it they recommended JD Advising and the One-pager. What a great recommendation! I passed no problem on the second try.

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    I have taken the exam 3 times without success. This time around, I switched to JD Advising and passed with an 82. I needed a 75. Thank you!

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    Taking the MPRE course with JD advising was a definite factor in passing the exam, when I took it 2 years ago, I took it cold and got a 61, so I was confident by after doing repletion and hundreds of questions, that game day was gonna be a good day and it was. Follow the facts and apply the rule, its mechanical, leave your emotions at the door. Thx you JD Advising!! I am on my way to being an Attorney.

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    I would not have passed the MPRE without the valuable guidance of this course. Their lectures, tests and test answers are very valuable. I received a scaled score of 114 on my first try, and that puts me as passing in every state as well as around the top 7% in the country. I haven’t been to law school in 43 years so I was learning from scratch.

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    Not good at writing testimonials, but I find all of your course material very helpful and user friendly in studying for both the MPRE and Bar exams.

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    I have taken the MPRE multiple times. I decided to take a different approach and did the free course. I know that you said don’t rely solely on the outline but with working full time it was easier for me to follow. I began studying based on the schedule and relied heavily on the outlines and the quizzes. I felt more confident going in and to my surprise I made a huge improvement (increased by 15+). Thanks you! I will definitely be using you for the bar exam!

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    Love the simplicity of the course. The lectures and the questions prepare you well to take the MPRE with confidence. Thank you JDadvising!

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    The review videos and practice exam questions provided were a great tool for passing the MPRE. I’m so grateful that I discovered this course!

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    So happy I took the steps and utilize the testing materials! My score jumped 30pts! I am so happy this exam is behind me and that I finally pleased! Thank you so much

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    This is the most comprehensive MPRE course out there! The outline is so thorough and probably the most helpful from any MPRE outline available. I had scored an 84 twice by using the commercial outlines (Barbri and Themis). However, the way the MPRE is broken down at JD advising really helped me remember the rules and understand/apply them. The charts in their outline were also helpful (since I’m a visual learner). I struggle with multiple choice, and I followed every tip JD advising provided (I significantly improved my score). If you choose this program you will pass, no doubt about it! Look at this first before using any other program!

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    Use this course to fill in any knowledge gaps you have about the rules. It gets straight to the point.

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    Great course that helped with MPRE prep! I would recommend to anyone prepping for the exam. It was fun to take the exams at the same time as friends so we could compare answers and review together. Lots of opportunity for exam practice.

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    Passed in the third time. This time using JD Advising MPRE outline and videos helped me passing with 102, 31 more points.

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    Last time I took the MPRE I was 2 points away from passing. This time I did the JD advising course and my score improved over 20 points

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    I have failed the MPRE 3 times before using JD Advising MPRE Courses, it is honestly the best I have seen and I know this is what helped me pass! I wish I would have used it before!

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    Thank you JD. I took (and passed) the MPRE long before it was required and my records are no longer available. In order to obtain reciprocity in other jurisdictions, I had to re-take the test. Your class was very helpful and I am happy to report a score of 124.

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    I loved the MPRE flashcards. So many test prep companies have videos and practice questions, but the flashcards really helped me feel confident that I remembered the important rules.

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    I only had a couple of weeks to study for the MPRE after taking the California Bar Exam. I saw that JD Advising offered a free course, so I took advantage of the opportunity and it provided me with everything I needed. I passed the exam by a wide margin. Thanks, JD Advising!

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    I just received my MPRE score. I passed! The state of Florida requires an 80 score. I have been out of law school since 1980. This course teaches you how to take the exam. And I am extremely happy that I found this company.

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    Susan L.

    I scored 104 on the MPRE after completing the JD Advising MPRE course. Very pleased!

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    Almitra Gupta

    JD advising is great. Their free materials are straight to the point, easy to understand and assimilate and exactly what you need for MPRE or Bar prep. Highly recommended. Thank you so much.

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    Usman Ali Khan

    5 star

  29. Avatar

    Rachna Khanna

    Great course

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    Milan Spampinato

    JD Advising’s MPRE course is of impeccable quality. The outline focuses on the highly testable materials, so students can prioritize what they want to focus on to best maximize points. Completing both of the previously released MPRE practice exams gave me a great idea of the complexity of the MPRE questions on test day. With the aid of JD Advising’s study materials I scored a 128 on the August 2019 exam. I could not be any more thankful for the materials and how condensed and efficient they were compared to other study sources. Other study sources will give you pages and pages of rules to read and memorize, compared to JD Advising’s bullet-point outline of the most relevant, highly tested information. I recommend JD Advising to everyone looking for the most thorough and efficient study resource.

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