Productivity Tip: Live Each Day as if….Someone was Recording Everything you Did

SunsetI am used to hearing the quote “Live each day as if it was your last.” I understand where people are going with that quote. In one way, the quote inspires me to try to make each day as meaningful as possible. However, on the other hand, the quote rings a little bit hollow. If it was honestly my last day on earth, I don’t think I’d be working.  I think, instead, I’d hang out with as many people as possible, eat a lot of chocolate, tie up any loose ends…you get the point.

So here is a different variation of that quote that rings truer to me. I read this wonderful quote and productivity tip in the book Die Empty by Todd Henry. 

Here is what Todd Henry says:

“Imagine for a moment that you will have a guest accompanying you throughout your day tomorrow. This person’s task will be to follow you around from the moment you wake up until the moment you fall asleep. They will take copious notes about your schedule, how you interact with your family and friends, how you engage in your tasks and projects, and your mind-set through it all. Once the day is over, this person will spend the next few days processing their observations, draw conclusions about your motivations, and compile their notes into a book about you that will stand as the definitive record of your life and work.”

This quote inspires me to work a little harder, be a little nicer, and not react so quickly.  I think of this quote not only when I’m working but also when I take 20 minutes to read irrelevant blog posts in the middle of my day. Or when I start to eat peanut butter out of the jar. Or when I wake up late instead of getting up early and going on a run. Or when I honk my horn at the person who turns out in front of me on a busy street and goes 10 mph when I’m going 45 mph…

Basically, if someone was really watching everything I was doing and taking notes on my behavior, I think I’d waste a lot less time, be a lot more productive, maybe be a little nicer to strangers I encounter throughout the day and honestly work to keep up a good, proactive attitude. How would your day change? If you have any thoughts on this quote, feel free to post them in the comments below.

Ms. Ashley Heidemann graduated as the number 1 law student out of over 200 students in her class of 2011 at Wayne State University. She now works as a tutor for law students and the bar exam. She also offers an online Law School Exam Prep Course and an online Law School Preparatory Course for students interested in learning the skills necessary to achieve a high GPA in law school.