July 2018 MEE PredictionsRetaking the MPRE: How to Improve your Score

If you find yourself retaking the MPRE, you are not alone! Many smart, capable students do not pass the MPRE the first time they take it. Sometimes this is because they don’t prepare well (the MPRE has a reputation for being “easy” even when it is not!). Sometimes this is due to the tricky nature of the MPRE and the difficulty in answering an ethics question in multiple-choice format. Other times it is just bad luck. Either way, if you find yourself retaking the MPRE, here are some ways to improve your score so that the next time you take it is the final time

Retaking the MPRE: How to Improve your Score

1. Focus on the rules before diving into questions.

Many students prepare for the MPRE by answering a million questions. We think it is a much better strategy to focus on the MPRE rules prior to answering questions. Make sure you are able to understand the rules and even articulate them. This will go a long way! It is probably the fastest way to see significant improvement in your MPRE score.

We know it is not easy to memorize rules. But it is the best thing you can do. And it will save you a lot of frustration if you do this first (i.e., before going to tip #2)!

If you are looking for an outline, and MPRE “one-sheet” please check out our free MPRE Course here. As a bonus, you will also get expert instruction by our star MPRE tutor, and over 120 practice questions.

2. Use real MPRE questions.

Real MPRE questions are much different than many commercial course questions. It is possible you have to retake the MPRE because you depended on commercial course questions. Here, we give you an overview of where you can find real MPRE questions. These will be the closest to the type of question you will see on exam day!

3. Keep in mind these crucial MPRE key words and phrases.

Check out the key words and phrases on the MPRE here. You will learn to distinguish questions that ask, for example, if a lawyer is subject to discipline versus if a lawyer is subject to civil liability. It is essential to review these key words and phrases so that you answer the exact question being asked!

4. Consider tutoring–especially if you fall into one of these two categories.

We offer MPRE tutoring if you are interested in working one-on-one with a tutor who can help you with multiple-choice strategies as well as substantive law. We highly recommend MPRE tutoring if you fall into one of two categories:

  • First, if the MPRE is a “high stakes” exam, a tutor can help you maximize your chances of passing. It is “high stakes” for you if you (a) cannot take the bar exam if you do not pass the MPRE or (b) if it is the last hurdle to getting licensed (i.e., you have already passed the bar exam) or (c) it is highly inconvenient to take it again (e.g., you are flying from out of the country to take the exam). It is not high stakes if it will not greatly impact your ability to take the bar or be licensed (i.e., you can simply take it again if you fail, and though the thought may not be pleasant, it is also not the worst thing!).
  • Second, if you really scored low on the MPRE due to a lack of understanding the rules. Maybe you did not take Ethics in law school. Or maybe you did, but you never understood it. Or maybe you really struggle with multiple-choice format. Investing in a tutor may be the fastest way to boost your MPRE score.

Many students seek tutoring even if they do not fall into one of the above categories. But we especially recommend tutoring if you do.

5. Remember not to do the exact same thing you did last time.

Some students say “I am going to repeat my Barbri course” or “I am going to re-answer all the questions in my MPRE book.” There is no point in doing the exact same thing you did last time — it didn’t work last time! Make sure to tweak how you study. This may mean dedicating more time, it may mean improving your MPRE strategies (as explained above), and it probably means a combination of both! Either way, changing your approach is key!

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