Should I Get Tutoring For the UBE As A First-Time Taker?

Are you preparing to take the Uniform Bar Exam for the first time and wondering if you need to hire a tutor?  In this post, we discuss the advantages of hiring a tutor for the UBE as a first-time taker!

Should I Get Tutoring For the UBE As A First-Time Taker?

Bar exam tutors can provide a lot of guidance and insight into the bar exam to help ensure you pass the bar exam on your first attempt.  Below are some of the specific advantages a bar exam tutor can provide!

1. Show you how to study

Studying for the bar exam is not the same as studying for law school. It is very easy to think that, because you are doing things, you are studying.  However, you may not actually be learning any material and, thus, not spending your time productively.  A bar exam tutor can guide you toward study habits and practices that will actually be effective and best prepare you for the bar exam.   A bar exam tutor can also keep you on track if you struggle to keep up or are prone to procrastinate.  Meeting regularly with a tutor will help keep you accountable as you work toward the exam!

2. Provide a clear understanding of the material

If you did not take many bar exam preparation courses during law school (e.g., Evidence, Criminal Procedure, Constitutional Law II), you may be learning brand new material for the first time as you prepare for the bar exam.  There is a lot of new material that you need to learn!  Many of these subjects can be extremely difficult to learn on your own! A tutor can provide valuable assistance in comprehending these often-difficult areas of the law so that you are not struggling to learn the material on your own.  

3. Provide guidance as to how the subjects are tested

A bar exam tutor can specifically guide you to the manner in which material is often tested on the Uniform Bar Exam. For instance, you may overlook a particular nuance in contract law, but a bar exam tutor can point out the types of nuances you need to focus on in order to guarantee success on the Multistate Bar Exam portion of the UBE.  Bar exam tutors can not only teach you the material but teach you the material the way you need to know it for the exam.

4. Improve skills as well as substance

Preparing for the bar exam requires more than simply learning all the areas of law that could potentially be tested.  It is also important to learn how to properly write an essay for the Multistate Essay Exam, learn how to properly approach and respond to an MPT task, and how to expertly answer multiple-choice questions on the MBE.  A bar exam tutor can help teach you these skills, evaluate your current abilities, and show you how to make improvements that will surely increase your chances of passing the bar exam the first time!

5. Alleviate anxiety about test-day procedures

As a first-time taker, you may be particularly anxious about what it will be like to actually take the bar exam.  Not knowing where you stand and whether you will pass is one of the difficulties of being a first-time taker.  A bar exam tutor can often provide extremely valuable insight as to what taking the test is actually like and how to best prepare, both mentally and physically, for this event.

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