Should I Hire an LSAT Tutor?

LSAT scoreMany students ask us, “Should I hire an LSAT tutor?” prior to taking the LSAT. Some are enrolled in a class. Others are studying privately and taking practice LSATs on their own.

The answer is not always a clear “yes” or “no.” It depends on the individual student.  In this post, we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of hiring an LSAT tutor as well as key questions to ask yourself when deciding whether private LSAT tutoring is right for you. 

The Advantages of hiring an LSAT Tutor:

  • LSAT strategies. An LSAT Tutor can teach you key LSAT strategies. You may not learn or internalize these strategies if you passively sit in an LSAT class or just complete a bunch of practice LSATs on your own.
  • A tutoring program tailored to you. If you have trouble with the games section, the LSAT tutor can focus on that. If you struggle with an LSAT study plan, an LSAT tutor can help you with that. One big advantage of a private tutoring program is that it can be 100% tailored to your needs and thus, super-efficient and effective.
  • The potential to get into very competitive law schools. Most students don’t realize that law schools weigh your 4 years of college and your 4 hours of taking the LSAT test equally when deciding if you should be admitted! You spent a lot of time, money and energy doing well those 4 years of college, you might as well spend some time, money, and energy making sure those 4 hours of LSAT’ing go well too! A tutor can help ensure you maximize your potential!
  • Scholarship potential. Our LSAT tutors have helped people get full or partial scholarships to law school. This pays back any LSAT debt in full and way more!
  • Career options. This is a bit more attenuated, but shouldn’t be totally overlooked. The higher your LSAT score, the better school you can get into, and the more career options you have down the road. Everything is tied together. Putting in effort now can make a big difference down the road.

There are a lot of advantages to hiring an LSAT tutor, but there are also some disadvantages.

The Disadvantages of hiring an LSAT Tutor:

  • Price. Some LSAT tutors can be very pricey! This is the most obvious downside to hiring an LSAT tutor.
  • Time. You are likely busy with a lot of things right now and having to take time once or twice a week to meet an LSAT tutor (prepare and get ready, transportation to and back from the LSAT tutor, and the actual meeting itself) will add more to your schedule. This will all take time away from studying as well as your other obligations.

We try to minimize these disadvantages for our LSAT students. We keep costs low and offer competitive pricing. We also frequently meet students online to minimize the time students have to spend getting to and from LSAT appointments.

Questions to ask yourself when you ask the question “Should I hire an LSAT tutor?”  

  • Am I accountable to myself or will meeting with someone help? If you are super-disciplined in your study routine, you may not need an LSAT tutor.
  • Do I learn better in a one-on-one setting or classroom setting? Some students like to meet in small groups. Others prefer meeting with a tutor one-on-one. If the classroom setting is what you prefer, you may want to consider signing up for an LSAT class rather than private tutoring.
  • Am I improving on my LSAT score by myself or am I in a rut? If you have taken the LSAT before, or if you have been practicing yourself and seem to be in a rut, then it may be time to try a new approach. A tutor may be able to provide you with motivation and with new LSAT strategies.
  • Am I meeting my goals in terms of what score I want to get or am I behind? If you are still lagging behind your goal LSAT number, then you may need a new approach.
  • Am I disciplined to study each day or am I feeling unmotivated? This is similar to the first question above, but it focuses more on motivation. If you cannot seem to work up the motivation to get going, meeting with a tutor once a week may be extremely beneficial.

If you’ve decided to hire an LSAT tutor, don’t forget to ask the right questions to your tutor too! Here are ten key questions to ask your potential LSAT tutor!

If you are looking for an LSAT tutor, note that our LSAT tutors have all received scores in the 99th percentile and all have over 5 years of tutoring experience. We have a flat, easy-to-calculate rate and we are honest about what we think a student needs. We are proud to serve as not just tutors, but mentors. Our LSAT tutors have helped students get into top schools such as Stanford Law School, University of Chicago Law School, University of Michigan Law school – among several others. Click here to learn more about our LSAT tutoring services.