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Michigan Bar Exam SeminarWant To Maximize Your Chance of Success On The Michigan Bar Exam? Sign Up For JD Advising’s Michigan Bar Exam Seminar!

If you are looking for a way to maximize your chances of success on the Michigan Bar Exam, we can help! Sign up for our Michigan Bar Exam Seminar! Spots for the February 2018 Michigan bar exam are limited!  In July, the seminar filled up quickly.

Sign up for JD Advising’s Michigan Bar Exam Seminar!

Why should I sign up for the Michigan Bar Exam Seminar?

Our Michigan bar exam seminar provides students with an in-depth review of the Michigan distinctions for the multistate subjects (Constitutional Law, Contracts and Sales, Torts, Civil Procedure, Evidence, Criminal Law and Procedure and Real Property). It also provides an overview of the highly-tested topics on the essay portion of the Michigan bar exam. In addition, we give tips for the last two weeks of bar exam preparation, new cases that are likely to appear on the Michigan bar exam, and our predictions on what we anticipate will be on the February 2018 bar exam.  Most importantly, we allow students the opportunity to ask questions during our seminar.  This allows students to clarify any areas of the law they are struggling with.

How accurate are your predictions?

We make no guarantees that the information we will go over in the seminar will appear on the Michigan bar exam. However, we generally correctly predict one third to one half of the issues tested on the Michigan bar exam.

For the July 2017 administration, our seminar covered 70% of what was tested on the bar exam.  More specifically, we covered the following topics in our half-day seminar:

  • The entire Criminal Procedure question. We suspected that search incident to arrest may be coming up and that the Board of Law Examiners’ may test whether officers could search a cell phone incident to arrest. We cited the exact case on point (the Riley case) and discussed it in our seminar.
  • The entire Criminal Law question. We discussed conspiracy and also accurately noted in our seminar that Michigan does not require an overt act to prove a conspiracy. This exact question was tested on the bar exam.
  • The entire Civil Procedure question. Not only did we accurately predict that Civil Procedure would test personal jurisdiction, but we discussed the exact step-by-step approach to take if you saw a personal jurisdiction question.
  • The entire Real Property/Creditors’ Rights question on foreclosure by advertisement (including the statutory right of redemption). We covered both of these issues in depth and students who attended our seminar are in a good position to score perfectly on this question!
  • The entire Personal Property question was covered by the seminar handout—including the Lost and Unclaimed Property Act (LUPA), which we predicted would be covered—and “abandoned” property.
  • We predicted the entire Family Law question and specifically stated that marital versus separate assets were likely to appear on the exam. The entire question regarded marital versus separate assets.
  • The entire Equity question was covered by our Michigan bar exam seminar. We told students to memorize the four preliminary injunction factors and this is exactly what was tested.
  • The Corporations question on derivative lawsuits. Not only did we cover derivative actions in the seminar but we also predicted that it would be coming up on the exam! We discussed the exact procedure necessary for filing a derivative action and we were happy to see that specifically tested.
  • The Real Property question regarding the race-notice statute. Half of the Real Property question tested Michigan’s race-notice statute and, specifically, what constituted “notice.” We told students to be on the lookout for this as we predicted this issue may be coming up. It did!
  • The No-Fault question had a noneconomic damages issue, which was discussed in our seminar and predicted to come up.
  • The Wills question was covered by the handout—we discussed both will validity and revocation of a will by a subsequent instrument, which were two of the three major issues tested by that question. (We admit that even we were surprised to see Wills tested again this exam!)
  • We also stated that we thought hearsay would be tested in Evidence, negligence would be tested in Torts, and that Secured Transactions would be tested (and we included charts in the seminar that covered perfection of PMSI’s and non-PMSI’s—both of which were tested).

Will this be beneficial for me if I’m already signed up for a full bar prep course?

Yes! This Michigan Bar Exam Seminar is not a substitute for a full course. Rather, the seminar is a review of the highly-tested areas of Michigan law that are likely to be tested again.  Students who sign up for our seminar find it extremely helpful. Some even attribute their passing score to the seminar!

Want to read more about what students are saying about the Michigan Bar Exam Seminar? Visit this link for testimonials from prior students.

Our July 2017 Michigan bar exam seminar filled up quickly last exam. We turned away several students who waited too long to sign up. If you are interested in reserving your spot for an upcoming JD Advising Michigan bar exam seminar, sign up here or please visit our seminar page.

This Michigan bar exam seminar is offered live approximately two weeks prior to the bar exam. We go over the highly-tested areas of law likely to be coming up! (Note: Do not purchase this seminar if you attend Wayne Law, University of Detroit Mercy Law, or Cooley Law, as a special deal is offered through the school.)
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