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MPRE Study Plan

Sign up for our Uniform Bar Exam On Demand Course – Early Start!

Our Uniform Bar Exam On Demand Course – Early Start schedule lets you start bar prep early — and end bar prep early.on demand uniform bar exam course study schedule

You can see a few things by the calendars:

  • The calendar starts December 1 — approximately three-four weeks earlier than other courses!
  • The calendar gives you December 22 – January 5 off for the holidays. You can review your outlines or materials. You can get started on the upcoming modules. Or you can just take the time off!
  • You will be done with all MBE subjects by January 29!
  • You can note from the calendar below, that you will be completely done with bar prep by February 5. You will have the remaining days to review!

This calendar is perfect for those:

  • who work
  • who have a lot of obligations during bar prep
  • who need a longer period of time to study (e.g., those that failed the bar exam by a large margin).

Read more about our on demand course here.

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