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If you are looking for some simple MPRE study strategies that work, look no further! Here, we tell you how to study efficiently for the MPRE using time-tested study strategies. These are strategies that we teach our MPRE students and the vast majority of them (over 90%) pass the MPRE. 

Simple MPRE Study Strategies that Work

First, figure out what is highly tested. 

Don’t waste time focusing on something that could only be worth a measly 2% of your overall MPRE score (that is, don’t focus on judicial conduct, which is only going to take up 2-8% of the overall questions!). You shouldn’t ignore any portion of the MPRE substance; you just shouldn’t over-focus on it.

The rules you want to learn the most are the ones that are tested the most–e.g., conflicts, which will be 12-18% of the MPRE questions. Our MPRE cheat sheet provides a fantastic overview of what is tested – and what isn’t!

Second, memorize the law.

A lot of students think they can just listen to a lecture and then dive into practice questions. It is much more effective to take time between lecture and practice questions to memorize the law. If you know the rules, they are so much easier to apply!

Note: if you find yourself having trouble understanding the law it will be much harder to memorize. If this is the case, either (a) sign up for an MPRE course or (b) take the Professional Responsibility (or Ethics) course offered at your law school prior to taking the MPRE. You do not want to have a bunch of rules memorized but not even know what they mean!

Third, practice using released questions. 

Some course-invented questions truly do not reflect the style of questions that you will see on the bar exam. Start by completing the released sample test questions as well as the online practice exams offered by the National Conference of Bar Examiners. These are your best source of questions.

If you are worried about passing the MPRE, remember you don’t need a perfect score. Generally, if you are scoring about 64% your score should be passing in most jurisdictions. Check out this post to see how we got to that number!

Fourth, when you practice, write down why you answer a question incorrectly. 

Once you start practicing, answer questions one-by-one before timing yourself. Every time you answer a question, review the answer explanation. If you answered the question incorrectly, ask why.

  • Was it because you did not know a rule?
  • Did you misread the facts?
  • Did you struggle with the call of the question? (If so, check out the key words and phrases on the MPRE here so you don’t lose points by misreading the question!)

If you did not know a rule, write it down. If you misread the facts, write down “misread the facts” on your pad of paper. If you struggled with the call of the question, write down a reminder of what a specific question is really asking. Then, constantly review this legal pad. You will find that your weaknesses become your strengths as, after writing down and reviewing what you struggle with, you truly will not repeat your mistakes!

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