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Six Reasons Why Our MPRE Outline Is The Best!

Are you preparing to take the Model Professional Responsibility Exam (“MPRE”) soon?  If you are, you may want to obtain a high-quality MPRE substantive outline to help you prepare!  In this post, we give you six reasons why our MPRE outline is better than others that are available!


Six Reasons Why Our MPRE Outline Is The Best!

1. It’s free!

Our MPRE outline is now available for download for free!  This outline is an excellent compilation of everything you need to know for the MPRE, including some very helpful study aids and tips!

 2. It is geared toward memorization.

One of the critical elements of MPRE preparation that students frequently overlook is memorization.  Students think that the MPRE is “intuitive” and that they will recognize the correct answer when they see it.  Our outline helps students who can see past this myth and recognize the importance of memorization.

Our MPRE outline is broken down into manageable chunks, allowing for easier digestion as you attempt to memorize the applicable rules.  We further ease you into memorization by omitting the rule numbers, that are not tested, and therefore not worth memorizing!

Our outline also contains very helpful charts and mnemonics to assist with memorization.  Many students find the mnemonics to be an excellent study tool when preparing for the MPRE.

3. We identify highly tested material.

Each section of our MPRE outline identifies the percentage of questions on the MPRE that are likely to appear testing the material contained within that chapter.  This allows you to prioritize as you study and allocate more time to that material that is more highly tested on the MPRE and not waste too much time on those subjects that appear less frequently.

4. Visual aids assist in learning and comprehension.

Multiple charts and graphs throughout the outline present the material in a different format for visual learners who would rather see a visual representation than the plain text of a rule.  Seeing the material in a different format can often be very helpful with comprehension and memorization!

5. It comes with a free course!

In addition to our very helpful MPRE outline, you can gain access to our FREE MPRE course!  The course consists of 12 videos that are available on demand.  In each video, our experienced course instructor guides you through the outline and explains the concepts in an easy to understand manner.  Students who are audible learners, rather than visual learners, may greatly benefit from this amazing resource! You can download our MPRE outline with our free MPRE course, here!

6. It includes our MPRE “Cheat Sheet.”

Many students ask us what they should do in the days leading up to the MPRE when they do not have a lot of time to prepare for the test.  Our MPRE Cheat Sheet, which is contained within the MPRE Outline, is an excellent resource for last-minute studying!  It contains a condensed version of all the rules that will be tested on the MPRE!

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