Should I Take the MPRE After the Bar Exam?

MPRE After the Bar ExamShould I Take the MPRE After the Bar Exam?

Many students wonder about whether they should take the MPRE after the bar exam. Often, they’ve delayed talking the MPRE, and want to get what they see as the more stressful exam out of the way. However, depending on their state, this could be a huge mistake! Read further to see why we advise taking the MPRE before the bar exam.

Should I Take the MPRE After the Bar Exam?

To start, we always advise to get the MPRE out of the way first. The last thing you will want to do after sitting for the bar exam is prepare for another test! Also, your state may have restrictions you are unaware. Here are a few common problems:

1. Different states have different rules on when you have to pass the MPRE, so check!

If you plan on taking the MPRE after the bar exam, make sure that your jurisdiction allows it! Rules vary from state-to-state, even those that administer the UBE. For example, some UBE jurisdictions are very lenient with the time parameters of when a passing MPRE score is earned. Arizona, for example, allows bar exam takers to pass the MPRE within a time frame of two years before they take the bar, or 5 years after! Missouri, on the other hand, requires passage of the MPRE within one year of receiving your written notice that you pass the bar exam.

As you can see, those are quite different requirements. We advise you check with your jurisdiction to see what their requirements are for the MPRE. If you plan to take the MPRE after the bar exam, make sure you are very aware of the guidelines in your state.

2. Some jurisdictions will not allow you to sit for the bar exam until you pass the MPRE.

Several states make taking the MPRE after the bar exam impossible. In Massachusetts, passing the MPRE is a filing requirement to sit for the bar exam. Obviously, you’ll need to take care of this before you plan on sitting for the exam. Other states put a time frame on how long an MPRE score is good for application purposes. In Alaska, a passing MPRE score must be dated within 8 years of applying for admission to the Alaska state bar, and must be sent with your application to sit for the bar exam. In Maine, the same is true, but applicants get 15 years leeway.

For all these jurisdictions, passing the MPRE is a requirement to sitting for the bar exam. Since jurisdictions can change their requirements, it is best to check with your jurisdiction well before you plan to take the bar exam to make sure you will be eligible.

3. If you wait to take the MPRE after the bar exam, you might not be able to retake the bar if you fail.

In Michigan, you do not need to take the MPRE before the bar exam. However, if you fail the bar exam, you cannot sit for it again until you pass character and fitness, which involves passing the MPRE.

Clearly, this puts more pressure on you on bar exam day. If you fail the bar, and haven’t passed the MPRE, you are opening yourself up to a lot of headaches! It’s much easier to take and pass the MPRE before the bar exam. Why add any more stress to an already stressful two days!

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Good luck studying for the MPRE!

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