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You can see two video testimonials below as well as several testimonials from students who scored in the 300’s on February 2019’s exam!

UBE course 311 jd advisingJD Advising helped me increase my score 72 points from a 239 to a 311.

I enrolled in the full UBE course and it was worth every penny. I walked into the exam with all the confidence in the world knowing I was prepared for anything the examiners threw at me.

I cannot recommend JD Advising enough. If you put in the work, JD Advising will provide you with all the tools needed to pass. Thanks guys!!

February 2019 UBE course student.


UBE Score 308

I have no words to express how grateful I am towards JD advising (JDA). Here is my story:

I took the Bar exam for the first time in July 2018. I chose a big commercial Bar prep program because everyone kept saying that they were the best and that they had to be the best considering all the years they had been preparing students to take the Bar exam. I have no doubt that they are very competent and well prepared, but I don’t believe it being The Best for everyone.

I think my biggest mistake was believing that the Bar exam was just a competency test so that I just needed to do a “C job” on it. While that may be true, that is not the right approach to study! I was the kind of student that would not walk into an exam room without studying everything beforehand, I never did homework without first reading everything I needed to read/know. I still failed the Bar in my first attempt.

I then understood that I had not taken the right approach: Believing that I just needed to get a C, reading and trying to learn by heart a thousand pages, answering multiple choice questions under time conditions right away.

At first I thought that I just needed a personal tutor. I found a tutor through an article in a well known website. Long story short, the tutor told me that she couldn’t help me because she thought that I had almost no chance of passing as a foreign student.

I felt devastated and I almost believed it except that I knew, deep down, that I could do this.

I did some research online and I found many other Bar prep programs. I started to call and quote them all. I made a chart highlighting the differences in terms of the program and the prices too. I ended up with a legal paper size chart comparing all of them. JDA stood out for me because:

* they never judged me because I had failed it once already

* they never discouraged me to take the exam again

* they never insisted that their program was really the best out there

They were just honest. They just explained the program concisely, without rushing it (like one of those sales calls). I just thought to myself: if this is how they take the time to explain the program itself, this must be how they take the time to teach me the law, and I was right!

The outlines were very concise and to the point. Meagan and Ambika (live instructors) explain everything using simple words and examples. They share the tips they used themselves to memorize. They do the homework for you: they figure out the nuances of the law that you must understand and learn.

JDA also has a “questions inbox” so you can send your questions as you study. I personally flagged (using color tabs) all my questions and I annotated the answers or clarifications once I had their answer. That system worked out perfectly for me because I was able to ask a question right away, while I was memorizing my outlines. They get back to you within 24hrs so you don’t forget what you’ve asked.

The practice exercises that you get with this program is intense. Basically, every week you have 5 or more essays to do and at least 2 to submit for grading. Practice REALLY does make the difference, and please believe when they say that practicing MPTs is also very important. When you practice, somehow your brain is trained on how to answer the question right away (after you have memorized the law!). When I took the Bar the first time, I wasn’t very fast with my thinking and so I spent too much time crafting the perfect IRAC. You may know the law but you don’t have a lot of time to answer. If you practice and learn the law well, the answer is like in the top of your tongue as soon as you read the question. That’s what you want!

I could write a book about my experience, so long story short: the JDA Bar prep program is just about reading, understanding, memorizing and then practicing. In that order, always (no cheating!).

Thank you to the entire JDA team. To Meagan, Ambika and my essay grader Alex, who was not only grading my essays but also sending me words of moral support.

I did not just pass the NYS Bar, I got 42 more points – a 308 –AND I will never have to take the Bar exam again in another UBE jurisdiction.

Note: their MPRE program prepared me to pass that exam the first time I took it.

Thank you JD Advising!!!!

I don’t even know how to thank JD Advising for helping me get through one of the most difficult experiences of my life. I failed the UBE after devoting significant time and energy to my commercial prep course and graduating from law school near the top of my class. Statistically, my odds of failing the Bar should have been quite low. Learning I failed was a devastating to say the least.

While there are many factors that likely contributed to my failure (stress and anxiety), I firmly believe that I would have been in a better position to pass had I signed up for JD Advising’s UBE course from the beginning. There are several advantages to the JD Advising course. First and foremost, they provide you with excellent materials. In contrast to a commercial course, JD Advising provides you with ONE succinct outline for each subject. They really focus in on the highly tested areas of law. If you memorize those highly tested areas, you will be in good shape on the essay portion of the exam. Second, JD Advising uses REAL MBE questions. After taking the bar twice, I am a believer in those real questions. Though my MBE was fair the first time around, I remember walking out of the Bar feeling like I had guessed on the vast majority of questions. When I took the Bar the second time, I felt certain about many of my answers. Some of the fact patterns on the MBE were so close to what I had seen while practicing. Third, JD Advising appreciates the importance of the essay portion of the exam. JD Advising assigns several essays each week and grades many over the course of your preparation. With this method, I got a hang of timing and was exposed to so many fact patterns. Do not make the mistake of avoiding the essay/MPT portion. Before my first Bar, many former Bar takers told me the essay portion of the Bar is easy as long as you are a good writer. This is simply not true. Some fact patterns are very complicated. You need to spend time exposing yourself to as many old essays as possible. Finally, I can’t say enough about JD Advising’s tutoring services. A couple weeks before the Bar, I scheduled an appointment with a tutor to discuss MPT strategy. She really helped me develop a solid strategy for that portion of the test and offered detailed feedback on my MPT’s. You simply couldn’t get this one on one attention anywhere else.

With the help of JD Advising, I am happy to report that my UBE score went from a 264 to a 301 in just a few short months. I would encourage others to sign up for this fabulous course!!

– Feb 2019 UBE Course Taker

I just wanted to let you know that I found out yesterday that I PASSED the Uniform Bar Exam in WV! I previously sat for (and failed) the NC bar exam twice, but am so happy to have finally passed! Thank you so much to everyone at JD Advising – I have never felt so confident going into the exam and truly felt like I knew what I was doing.

uniform bar exam score 300Special thanks to Maral for her essay feedback. Not only was her feedback specific to each essay, but she truly built on previous essays and would let me know areas where she saw growth or areas that I needed to work harder at.

I honestly walked out of the first day feeling so prepared and confident that I knew the content and was able to write passing essays. I really feel like using JD Advising was a game changer for me and would recommend your program to all bar takers!

I am not sure of my exact score yet, but know that it was at least a 270!


[Later, she followed up with her score when she received it!]

I received a 300 as my combined score! My MBE score went from a 125 to a 146, and my written score was a 154!

Thank you again to everyone!!!! – Feb 2019 UBE Course Taker

Dear Megan, Ambika, Alexandra, Rosie & the entire JD Advising Team,

I am thrilled to (finally) be able to say I passed the bar! I would not have been able to accomplish this feat without your guidance, support and the wealth of resources you provided during this program.

This is especially true regarding the one-sheets. Please make sure to remind your future students to start reviewing/memorizing them from the very beginning! They are invaluable.

Thank you again for all your help. – Feb 2019 UBE Course Taker, passed the Illinois bar exam

I wanted to follow up and let you know that after three tries I finally passed the NJ bar exam. I improved my MBE score 20 points from the February administration and also saw a slight increase on my written portion of the exam. I found the UBE course to be extremely helpful in making the daunting amount of material more manageable. The personalized structure of the course really allowed me to grasp the structure of MBE questions and improve my score. Thanks again for everything! -July 2018 UBE Course taker

I failed the Alabama 2017 July Bar Exam by achieving a score of 246, needing a 260 to pass.

In the fall of 2017, I enrolled in the comprehensive UBE course offered by JD Advising in preparation for the Alabama 2018 February Bar Exam, which I achieved a score of 258.  While I did not pass, I did improve as a result of the materials offered and lessons provided through the course.

In preparation for the Alabama 2018 July Bar Exam, I used the materials from JD Advising, which I had returned to me, as the bulk of my preparation.  As before, I supplemented the program with MBE questions using Adaptibar.  So in using the prior information learned in the course and studying all of the materials again, I was able to pass the Alabama 2018 July Bar Exam by achieving a score of 278.

I want to thank you all for everything and extend my deepest gratitude in helping me achieve a passing score.-July 2018 UBE Course taker

When I took the UBE for the first time in CT, I was shocked to learn that I missed the passing mark of 266 by only five points – scoring a 261. I had taken over a month off from work to study full time using one of the major commercialized Bar-prep programs. After reviewing my scores I noticed that my performance on the writing portions was poor, as I only scored 124 points between the MPT and MEE sections.

Frustrated with these results and my underwhelming writing skills, I started searching online for alternative programs. I found JD Advising in my search, and I decided to sign up after exchanging a few emails with Ashley. I knew JD Advising was the real deal due to their professionalism and great advice with how to prepare for my second attempt, which they provided to me before I even decided to sign up for their UBE course.

I just got my results back for my second attempt and found that I passed with a 282 (which is a passing score for ALL states recognizing the UBE)! I was even more pleased to learn that my MPT/MEE score jumped 20 points – from 124 in my first attempt to 144 in my second attempt.

JD Advising’s UBE course is unparalleled in its effectiveness and my results are representative of this. Ambika and Meagan provided outstanding feedback and guidance on my essays, and completely re-shaped my approach to the MPT/MEE portions. Persuasive writing has always been my weak point, so even I was amazed by how much I improved over such a short period of time. What’s more, they were able to do this while I was working full time, and only had time to study for a few hours a day after work and on the weekends.

JD’s UBE course provides high-quality outlines that are well-organized and easy to follow/understand, especially during lecture. Ambika and Meagan are both excellent instructors who encourage interaction during lectures and will review your performance on both their quizzes and practice essays with great detail and reliable feedback. They are always willing to go the extra mile by working overtime to ensure that each student gets reliable information!  For these reasons, I would recommend JD Advising to both first-time and repeat takers of the UBE alike – the quality they provide simply can’t be beat.

To everyone at JD Advising – thank you for everything that you do! – Feb 2018 UBE Course Taker

After I failed the UBE Bar Exam several times I began to feel depressed and almost hopeless.  The first time I took the bar (three years ago) I had only missed it by six points. The second time I remained with one of those big-name bar prep courses and my score decreased from my initial bar results. It went from missing it by six to 12-15 points. This began a vicious cycle.  After failing my second attempt I stopped using the big-name prep courses and incorporated Adaptibar, which helped raise my MBE score from a 112 (my first bar exam) to a 128.  It was not until I failed again in July of 2017 that I contacted JD Advising.  I had been a longtime follower of the blog; in fact, I had their webpage bookmarked on my phone way back since my LSAT days.  I reached out to Ashley after my last and final failure of the UBE bar exam.

I contacted Ashley the day I received my results in July 2017.  She was so patient and even had a former JD Advising UBE student contact me.  I emailed Ashley a lot during those days because anyone who knows how it feels to fail the bar exam (multiple times, in my case) knows how depressing and humiliating it is to face one’s family and colleagues. She always responded with kindness and never once made me feel guilty for seeking hope from her during that time.  After I spoke to their UBE Student, who had a very similar situation as mine, and she told me how wonderful JD Advising was, I decided to take the plunge and pay for the course!

The course was intense, we met three times a week, and they gave us tangible writing assignments from the very beginning.  They truly offer white glove service because the class settings are so small, and you receive personalized attention.  Every question I posed during class was answered immediately in real time. The instructors were patient and personable.  I never felt guilty for asking a “dumb” question.  Further, my essay grader was wonderful!  I developed a good relationship with her over the course and she provided thorough analysis on each essay I submitted. I did not feel overwhelmed by the course load as I did with the other big-name brand bar prep company, because each week you were assigned homework, so it was tangible. I am not going to lie, I was exhausted by the end of the course. Especially for that little last push a few weeks prior to the February bar exam, but I trusted them and their system.  The review course is what slam-dunked it for me! Almost every subject they predicted was on the MEE.  I was delighted the day of the bar exam, because the questions were almost identical to JD Advising’s Simulated MEE Bar Exam.  I literally just recalled my rule statements from every essay I wrote.  Further, because they do a deep dive substantive review, my MBE score increased by over 20 points, which means I scored in the national 85th percentile. I achieved this increase even though I practiced less MBE questions (I did less than a 1000 questions this time) during this bar review prep than I ever had with my previous bar preparation.

The day I received my results, I literally almost fainted!  I am happy to say that I went from a 244 to a 278!  I increased my bar exam results by 34 points. I would have been happy with a 260, but now I have options and I can practice in almost every UBE jurisdiction except Alaska!

Thank you so much JD Advising for your wonderful patience and excellent service! I only wish I had signed up with you after that first failed attempt! – February 2018 Uniform Bar Exam Course Attendee

I am so happy to report that I have PASSED The Uniform Bar Exam with a whopping score of 298 (140.5 MBE).

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for your labor of love and your level of dedication and commitment in preparing me for this exam. As I told you before, you prepared me so well for this exam, I walked-in knowing I was ready and left knowing that I had passed. You were nothing short of absolutely amazing. I cannot thank you enough.

And to my grader, Robert, you ROCK.  The way you and Ambika evaluated my writing and was critical about every detail, not only prepared me well for the exam but also in practice.  I love and appreciate the brutal honesty and critical feedback from style, grammar, punctuation, content, presentation, every detail made me a much better writer.

Again, I cannot thank you both enough.

And to Ashley, thank you so much for having commitment and vision to launch this program, like NO OTHER BAR REVIEW PROGRAM ON THE PLANET. You have assembled a WORLD-CLASS team of talented scholars and I’m so grateful to have learned from two of your very best.  I am an unofficial official ambassador of the JD Advising Program and I look forward to every opportunity to brag about just how grateful I am for this program.

Again, Thank You!!!!!!! – July 2017 NY Bar Exam UBE taker

My score prior to taking this course was a 236. While the bar examiners refuse to release my passing score, at minimum I made a 30 point jump to pass with a 266. I took the exam twice before taking the JD Advising UBE Course. I would highly recommend using this course versus any commercial course like Barbri or Kaplan. If I could go back I would have never signed up for a commercial course. Unlike commercial courses, JD Advising provided UBE outlines that were not as dense and multiple examples after each concept that actually make sense. Since I have trouble memorizing, this was a game changer because I was mentally capable of breaking down the concept and capable of associating the concept/topic with certain scenarios for a practical use on the exam. Moreover, the UBE Course provided actual bar exam essay questions from the past, allowing everyone to practice questions that will likely be brought up on the actual exam. Lastly, the best way to study for this exam is improving your essays through constant feedback, quizzes that force you to memorize, short outlines with easy to learn mnemonics, and a proper strategy to attack the multiple choice which can only be learned through this course.

 I received my Illinois Bar Exam results today and I am very happy to share with you that I passed the exam. I greatly appreciate all of your help throughout this process, all of the feedback on my essays, all of the nuanced questions that you were able to answer, and the constant motivation to master this exam. I hope the rest of the class was as lucky as I was. -July 2017 Illinois Bar Exam taker

Is it over the top to say that JD Advising LLC is nothing short of miracle program? I took the Arizona State Bar Exam three (yes 3) times without obtaining the score necessary to pass in Arizona.  I had previously attempted bar prep with both Themis and Kaplan preparation courses without success. Enter JD Advising LLC!

The outlines are amazing; succinct and on point with outstanding coverage of the truly relevant topics for the Bar Exam. More importantly in my case, I learned HOW to write for the bar exam. The feedback I received on my essay was invaluable.

My score increased 20 points with this program. My previous scores were close but JD Advising gave me a passing score with room to spare. I cannot recommend JD Advising enough!!! – July 2017 UBE taker 

Thank you so much to JD Advising!  After sitting for the Alabama bar exam twice and coming up short I made the decision to change the way I studied on the third attempt. Thankfully, I found JD Advising through a web search.  I contacted Ashley via email and she answered all of my questions and after hearing her plan and what they had to offer, I had a renewed hope that it may be possible to pass this after all. Ashley worked with my budget and we created a specialized plan to focus on my weakest subjects. The one-on-one study sessions with Ambika were amazing!  Having the ability to ask questions and focus on my weaker topics increased my confidence and increased my score! The outlines were the best I have ever used.  They are focused on what you need to know!  They are thorough, but not impossible! My score increased by 12 points after using JD Advising outlines and working with Ambika!  The more telling fact is that the subjects that I studied with JD Advising were my highest scoring subjects of all my MBE subjects!  I truly believe that I passed because I studied with JD Advising.  My only regret is that I did not use them on the first attempt! Thanks so much to Ambika!  I couldn’t have done it without you! -February 2017 UBE taker

Stumbling upon, and using JD Advising for the February 2017 UBE exam was a blessing.  Unlike the big name bar prep companies JD Advising made a schedule that was unique for me, and Ashley’s MBE subject outlines were gold mines (some of her examples showed up on the exam) explained in a common sense way.  Also, having a personal, experienced tutor (Ambika was great!) go over the areas that are not as clear made sure my studying was not wasting time.  The MEE outlines explained the HEAVILY tested subjects in a clear and understandable way.  Needless to say, I felt better prepared and more confident after using JD Advising and would recommend it over the other big name bar prep companies. -February 2017 UBE taker

I received my Bar results this past week: I passed!  I have exchanged texts with Ambika and I also left her a voicemail thanking her for her tutoring and getting me over the hump to pass the DC Bar.  I just wanted to formally say thank you for your services.  Ambika is legit – a very competent and effective tutor.  She was very professional and very effective with our tutoring sessions.  Ambika really made it simple and tactically guided me through the MPTs and MEEs so I could get enough points to pass.  I think I remember her saying that no one she tutored ever failed the MPT/MEE portion and her streak is still alive – I passed! – February 2016 Bar Exam Taker

Thank you so much for your help!!!!!! I passed!!!! Ambika was SO helpful. I can still hardly believe it!!! February 2016 Bar Exam Taker