The Advantages of Online LSAT Tutoring

pass the bar the second timeThe Advantages of Online LSAT Tutoring

Online LSAT tutoring is a growing trend in the test prep business. Although a common belief is that in-person tutoring is best, there are many ways online tutoring is superior to face-to-face tutoring.  Here’s are five good reasons to consider online LSAT tutoring:

1. Convenience

One advantage of online LSAT tutoring is there is no wasted time. Meeting online means you will avoid traffic, parking, and weather conditions that could delay or shorten a session. It also allows you to meet at more flexible times. If early mornings or late evenings are best for you, you don’t need to worry about finding an open coffee shop or library for your session. You don’t even need to shower or change out of your pajamas!

2. Flexibility

Meeting for LSAT tutoring online also allows a tremendous amount of flexibility. Instead of planning one session for 2-3 hours every week, you can set up several shorter sessions. Although you will still meet for roughly the same amount of time, this approach can be very useful for those who just need to touch on one or two topics. Plus, these types of sessions are much easier to schedule around school, work, and family commitments.

3. Availability

Online tutoring also means you are not reliant on a pool of local tutors. Meeting face-to-face is great, but what about people who live in areas where tutors are not readily available? Online LSAT tutoring means you can find the best tutor for you, regardless of locale.

4. Individual Approaches

Online LSAT tutoring also allows your tutor to tailor your session to you. Unlike most LSAT courses, which force you to learn their techniques, a tutor can find an approach that works best for you, and design your sessions around that approach.  You will get one-on-one attention suited to your learning personality.

5. Digitally save tutoring sessions

Meeting online also means you can easily save notes and sessions. If your tutor uses a whiteboard app to teach logic games, you can save their diagrams for future reference. You can also record your sessions (with your tutor’s permission!) for later use. If you struggle with a concept in-between sessions, you can simply go back and watch your tutor’s explanation again.

This post was written by our LSAT tutor, Nick. Nick  scored high on the LSAT and enjoys helping students achieve their dream scores and get into their dream schools!  If you are looking for any other LSAT advice, LSAT timing tips, or LSAT tutoring, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you!

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