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There are several bar exam courses you can choose from. The best bar exam course will help you pass the bar exam the first time you take it (or the next time you take it, if you are a repeat taker!). Our on-demand bar exam course is the best course out there for the following reasons:

1. You get instruction from bar exam experts.

jd advising bar exam instruction

Our instructors have all:

  • passed the bar exam (and often more than one bar exam!) with extremely high scores
  • know exactly what is tested — and how it is tested — on the bar exam
  • tutored extensively for the bar exam (and know how to explain tricky concepts!)
  • get top ratings from our students

We are not professors who teach the bar exam “on the side.” We live and breathe the bar exam! We are full-time tutors and teachers who have decades of combined experience.

2. You get the best outlines available!

We are known for our fantastic outlines. We make sure we are providing you the best possible materials available so that you can study smart for the bar exam. Our outlines are colorful, concise, and complete, as you can see from the samples below.
best bar exam course, best bar exam outlines

3. You get real practice questions!

We pride ourselves on giving you the best — the best instruction, best outlines, and best practice questions. So, we give you over 1,500 actual released multistate bar exam (MBE) questions and real essays and multistate performance test practice problems from 1995 on.

By practicing with actual, official, NCBE-licensed questions, you will be the most prepared for the questions you see on exam day.

best mpre course

4. You get essay feedback from our star essay graders!

Our essay graders have consistently received top reviews. Our essay graders undergo rigorous training so that they can serve as graders and coaches.

Our goal is to provide you encouraging feedback to help you maximize your score on the essay portion of the exam. Often, students do not know what they should be doing differently to write high-scoring essays. Your personal attorney essay grader will tell you exactly what to do so you can pick up the most points on this important section of the exam!

5. We have an easy-to-use platform with a study schedule that starts when you start.

Our on-demand platform comes with varied studied schedules so you can start whenever it works best with your schedule and finish up classes with time to review before the bar exam. You can see a sample calendar below and our variety of study schedules here.

We do our best to work with your schedule so that you do not feel anxious about completing assignments.

on demand uniform bar exam course study schedule

We have easy-to-use learning modules so you can listen to course lectures, memorize the law, practice MBE questions, and hand in essays without worrying about falling behind.

If you are a repeat taker, it is especially important that you do something different to pass the bar exam. Our on-demand bar exam course will provide you with a fresh, new approach to the exam!

If you are a first-time taker, we recommend you take our course. If you are unsure, check out our testimonials. Our reviews speak for themselves!

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