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Uniform Bar Exam Course for Attorneys

The Best Uniform Bar Exam Course for Attorneys

The Best Uniform Bar Exam Course for Attorneys: It has become more popular for already licensed attorneys to take the Uniform Bar Exam. This relatively new bar exam has been spreading like wildfire and opens the door to an attorney becoming licensed in 28 jurisdictions! If you are an attorney, you probably work a lot, have enough stress in your life, and have no wish to relive the days where you attended hours of bar exam lectures while filling in lecture handouts. Yet, you also probably don’t remember a lot of the nuanced laws that you learned for the bar exam and you probably need a full-service course.

The Best Uniform Bar Exam Course for Attorneys

So, you want something that is efficient, yet detailed. And works with your schedule. You are in luck! We provide a Uniform Bar Exam course that is perfect for attorneys. Our course is a fantastic Uniform Bar Exam Course for attorneys because:

  • It is offered three days a week (generally Monday through Wednesday) from 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM EST. It meets for about 50 hours total. We have live lecturers rather than pre-recorded videos (though we do record our videos in case you miss a lecture). Unlike many review courses, our lectures are a concise 2 hours.
  • We give you a detailed overview of the substantive law and strategies for the multistate bar exam (MBE), multistate essay exam (MEE), and multistate performance test (MPT). It may have been a bit since you have taken a bar exam. We do not cut any corners in our teaching. You will have everything you need to pass.
  • We provide an efficient approach to bar exam preparation. By that, we mean we do not give you 100-page outlines for each subject and say “good luck.” Rather, we provide outlines that are precisely tailored to what is tested. We highlight the highly tested topics for you so that you know what to spend the most time on.
  • We give assignments, grade essays, and provide individualized feedback to students each week. You are not just a number in a large course. We teach in a small group setting which allows us to track your progress and provide individualized essay and MPT grading.
  • We study the bar exam and have mastered the art of bar exam predictions! Of course, we do not advise any of our students to rely solely on our predictions but we have accurately predicted many of the subjects and topics tested on a particular bar exam which can certainly give you an advantage on test day.
  • We give you real, actual official released questions! Many commercial courses make up their own bar exam multiple-choice questions. However, we give you actual official NCBE-released MBE questions, MEE questions, and MPT questions!
  • We give you hard copies of all of the outlines, essay books, MPT books, and our prized MEE one-sheets. We think having a physical copy so that you can mark up the products and take notes is the best way to approach the MBE.

Our Uniform Bar Exam Course accepts first-time takers, repeat takers, and attorneys in it. For all of the reasons mentioned above, it is perfect for attorneys.

Read more about our Uniform Bar Exam full-service course here.

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