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LSAT holiday studying

Three LSAT Holiday Studying Tips

It’s the holiday season! With so much to celebrate, it is too easy to set aside your LSAT prep for a later date. That, however, is a recipe for falling behind! In this post, we go over three easy LSAT holiday studying tips to help you stay on track and enjoy the festive period!

Three LSAT Holiday Studying Tips

1. Develop a study schedule ahead of time.

The most important LSAT holiday studying tip is to commit to a study plan before the festive period begins. Although you may want a flexible schedule so you can see friends and family, this approach inevitably leads to missed studying sessions. It’s just too easy this time of year to think “I’ll get back at it tomorrow.” Before you know it, it’s New Year’s Day and your two weeks behind where you need to be. That’s the thing about the holiday period: it’s really easy to lose track of time!

Our advice is this: commit to a study schedule ahead of time. LSAT holiday studying needs to be a priority. It may mean that you are not as flexible. However, if you are truly serious about nailing the exam, you can’t allow yourself to fall behind. So, break out a calendar and figure out when you’ll have time to study. Then, stick to that plan! Family and friends will understand. Plus, with schools out for winter break and many people on vacation from work, it may be easier to reschedule events than you think!

2. Find a study space away from the holiday bustle.

Another LSAT holiday studying tip is to be flexible with where you study. Now, most people have a favorite place to review LSAT material. However, it may not be the most conducive to studying this time of year. Coffee shops, restaurants, and even people’s homes are generally busier this time of year. Chances are your favorite corner table at the bookstore is probably much louder and more distracting. If distractions cut into your concentration, you won’t study effectively.

So, be flexible! Any space that’s quiet and well-lit can serve as a study space. Libraries are good options this time of year, as are study spaces at colleges. Once classes are done for the semester, they tend to transform into ghost towns. Think outside of the box to find a space that can serve you for a few weeks. Then, once the holiday cheer dies down, go back to your old routine.

3. Allow yourself to take part!

This may seem a curious LSAT holiday studying tip but bear with us. Yes, it is important to study and stay on track during the holiday period. You need to stay focused in order to prepare for the LSAT. However, you should not deny yourself all holiday fun! In order to stay mentally fresh, you need a good break away from LSAT prep every once in a while. The holidays are a great excuse to celebrate, and help forget some of your study troubles in between study sessions.

Always remember, regardless of how well you do on the exam, your family, friends, and the holidays are still going to be around next year. So, indulge in the holiday season! Go to family gatherings, eat Christmas cookies, and stay up late meeting up with friends. In short, live your normal life. Just make sure that you don’t let these events seriously compromise your LSAT prep!

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