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What To Eat: Tips For Bar Exam Food

Bar exam day is the culmination of three or more years of hard work. With the stress and anxiety that goes along with it, you might forget altogether about what to eat! Your food for bar exam day is going to act as the fuel that runs your brain. So, you need to eat smart! In this post, we cover some food-related bar exam food tips!

What To Eat: Tips For Bar Exam Food

Tip #1: Don’t skip out on food!

Many people find it difficult to eat during the bar exam. Their nerves get the best of them, and even the thought of something they usually find appetizing is unappealing. However, as tempting as it may be, do not skip meals! Your bar exam day food is what your brain and body are going to run off of while you take the exam. Although your adrenaline may carry you through the first few minutes, your body will need something else to run off of eventually. So, make sure to eat something before both the morning and afternoon sessions, even if it is something light or bland.

Tip #2: Eat something of substance…

Bar exam food that doesn’t contain many nutrients will inevitably let you down. Try to avoid sugary and carb-heavy foods like cereal or PopTarts. Although you’ll get an initial boost of energy, that boost will be shortlived. A balanced meal is your best bet. Try to combine fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. This will keep your stomach happy, and give your brain a variety of nutrients to work with.

Tip #3: …but not heavy or greasy food.

Bar exam food should power you through your test, helping to keep you on top of everything and alert. You should avoid things that will make you feel lethargic and sleepy. For most people, this means avoiding fast food, pizza, or anything that is going to sit heavily in your stomach. Getting through bar exam material is tough in and of itself. It’s even more difficult if your stomach is trying to put you to sleep at the same time!

Tip #4: Portion control counts!

Regardless of what you pick, make sure you do not overindulge. Even healthy foods like fruits and vegetables can cause drowsiness if eaten in excess. Make sure to portion out your meals so you get enough energy for the day without overeating. Save some of your appetite for after the bar exam, when you can celebrate with a huge dinner.

Tip #5: Keep caffeine consistent!

It is OK to consume roughly the same amount of caffeine as you normally would during the bar exam unless you are worried about having to leave the exam to go to the bathroom. So, if you normally drink coffee, tea, or an energy drink in the morning, go for it on exam day! Skipping caffeine will take your body out of its rhythm, which could lead to drowsiness. Overindulging in caffeine can make you feel so wired that you won’t be able to concentrate. Keep your caffeine intake as consistent as possible.

We recommend that you test out which food/caffeine levels work for you if you are unsure. So, prior to the bar exam when you take a practice MBE or have a practice essay day, try drinking your normal amount of caffeine and eating a breakfast you might eat before the bar exam. If you find yourself overly jittery or hungry, maybe it is a sign you need to drink less caffeine or eat more. You can experiment ahead of time if you are not sure what bar exam food is best for you!


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