michigan bar exam resources, Uniform Bar Exam TutoringOur Top (Free!) Michigan Bar Exam Resources

We know how expensive bar exam prep can get, especially after adding up application costs, character and fitness fees, and hotel/travel expenses. So, here are our top free Michigan Bar Exam resources!

Our Top (Free!) Michigan Bar Exam Resources

1. How to pass the essay portion of the Michigan Bar Exam YouTube video and handout

This video and handout will give you invaluable Michigan essay advice. It will go over highly tested issues and tips for tacking Michigan bar exam questions.

2. How to pass the MBE YouTube Video

If you struggle with the MBE, we are here to help! This video can guide you through developing a strategy to taking MBE questions.

The Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) is worth half your score in Michigan. Many students do not have the right outlook or approach toward it. In this video, we tell you how to pass the Multistate Bar Exam and how to see your score improve through practice. We recommend you download the PDF and watch the video.

3. MBE Strategies Subscription 

In this email series, we go through MBE questions one-by-one. We also focus on strategies to use for each type of MBE question. You can see a sample here and sign up to receive our MBE strategies tips right to your inbox.

We email about twice a week during bar exam season. Once the bar exam is over, we stop emailing unless you opt in to receiving further emails. We base questions off of real MBE questions, not ones developed by bar prep companies. That way, you are approximating what you’ll see on bar exam day as closely as possible.

4. Past Released Michigan Essay Questions

There is nothing better than practicing released Michigan essay questions. You can find them on this page. The Board of Law Examiners has released questions from February 2009 to the most recent exam.

We also recommend you check out this post on how to structure a Michigan bar exam essay answer. (You want to avoid structuring it like a law school essay!) And check out this post on self-grading. Self-grading is an invaluable skill. One of our students who scored in the 160’s on the last Michigan Bar Exam attributed her high score to self-grading.

Stay tuned for our best Michigan Bar Exam resources under $500! 

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