last minute MBE tips

Top 5 Last Minute MBE Tips

In this post, we discuss our top five last minute MBE tips. You may wonder if there is anything you can do – or avoid doing – at the last minute to improve your MBE score. And the good news is, there is! You can improve your Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) score by keeping these last minute MBE tips in mind.

Top 5 Last Minute MBE tips

1. If you find you are really anxious, practice visualization before the bar exam.

The bar exam is mentally taxing and you want to be in the best mindset possible when you take it. Visualize yourself answering each question with a clear head and timing yourself appropriately. Visualization can be a powerful tool and can help relieve anxiety. This, in turn, can help you answer more questions correctly.

Visualization has helped athletes, students, and professionals. It is definitely a way to get yourself in the best mindset prior to the bar exam.

2. If you get too fatigued during the exam, take a break.

If you find yourself re-reading the same sentence, stretch or put your head down or get up if possible.  Fatigue can truly affect an MBE score. (If you have ever compared your MBE performance when you are refreshed and energized to your MBE performance after a long day of studying when you are tired, you will know this all too well!) Even a two-minute break during the exam can be a mental booster that helps improve your score. Read more about how to combat fatigue on the MBE here. This brings us to our next tip…

3. Let yourself take a break before the MBE and in between sections.

Please do not study like crazy for the MBE the night before the MBE. This can make you anxious and will not do much, if anything, to improve your score. (It can, however, hurt you. It can hurt your confidence if you happen to not do as well on your practice exam — which you may not, if you are anxious! It can also cause anxiety which can keep you up at night and prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep!)

Do not study the morning of the MBE. And do not study in between sections! Your brain needs the break! Rest before the MBE and in between sections of the MBE.  If you try to read, think, and learn the law every second you get, you will not be able to concentrate when it matters – during the actual test! So let your brain rest so you can use your brainpower when it truly matters.

If you want to do something to “wake up your brain” before the exam, then read the news or do something other than stare at your outlines!

4. If you are in between two answer choices, go back to the fact pattern.

This is more of a practical tip but it can really help you during the exam if you keep it in mind.  Some students are in between two answer choices and they stare at the answer choices until they pick one. But often if they go back to the facts, it will become clear which answer choices is best. Think of this tip if you find yourself going back and forth between (A) and (B) or (C) and (D).

Here are other tips to try if you find you are in between answer choices on the MBE.

5. Don’t leave early to “get it over with.”

Some students leave the MBE early because they can’t wait to get out. Or they want to “beat traffic.” Please do not be this person. You want to use all of the time you have. This sounds obvious, but so many students do this every administration.

If you have any questions about these last minute MBE tips, do not hesitate to contact us!

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