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If you are looking for MPT timing tips, you are certainly not the only one. One of the biggest complaints we hear after the bar exam is from students who ran out of time on the multistate performance test (MPT) portion of the exam.

In this post, we tell you our top five MPT timing tips to help ensure that you finish the MPT portion in time! 

Top Five MPT Timing Tips

1. Memorize MPT formats ahead of time. 

Many students make the mistake of “winging” the MPT portion of the exam. Then, unfortunately, as soon as they get to a task, they have to spend time considering how to set up their response. There is no need to spend your valuable time trying to figure out formatting — you can do that ahead of time!

  • If you want a quick attack outline of MPT formats, check out our MPT one-sheet here.
  • If you want a more detailed overview of how to approach each type of MPT, then please review our MPT formats here.

By memorizing the MPT formats up front, you will save yourself time during the MPT. Further, by writing your answer in the proper format, you will also maximize your score. A grader will instantly see that you understand how to set up your MPT answer!

2. Don’t brief every case! 

This is one of our top MPT timing tips that help students.

Some courses recommend that students brief every case in the library. Students often spend valuable time writing case briefs. We do not recommend doing this!

If anything, simply take notes in the margins or write short case statement (a brief application of the rule to the facts). However, you should not spend time writing out the issue, rule, analysis, and holding for each case. In all likelihood, you will use very little of it in your MPT answer and all of the time you spend on case briefs will not ultimately improve your score.

If you have been briefing every case in the MPT library, this tip should save you a lot of time!

3. Work while you read.

Rather than reading the task memo, file, library and then starting on your MPT answer, you may find it very helpful to work as you go along.

You can begin outlining your answer right on your screen (if you are typing your bar exam answer).

  • As soon as you read the task memo, set up the proper format for your MPT
  • Begin jotting down some case names and rules as you read the library
  • Start writing down key facts and even providing some analysis as you read the file

You can, of course, revisit any of these sections (and you will likely have to!). But if you work while you read, you will have a lot of the key rules and facts already written out. Then your job will be to tie them together and to enhance your answer with anything you may have left out.

4. Read the material in the proper order. 

The order that you ultimately choose to read the material is up to you. However, we recommend you try attacking most an MPT questions like this:

  • first, read the task memo
  • second, read the library
  • third, read the file
  • fourth, go back to the task memo

Many students find that this approach is best. However, if you find something different works for you, then do whatever works for you! Some students find that reading the MPT in order is the best route for them to go.  The point is, you want to have a plan of attack ahead of time.

5. Practice! 

Of all the MPT timing tips, this is the one that will help you the most! We recommend you start practicing MPTs early and often. If you incorporate regular MPT practice in your schedule, you can see how you are performing on the MPT and if you need to dedicate more (or less) time to the MPT as weeks go on.

The MPT is worth a lot of points. In UBE states, it is worth 20% of your overall score. Practicing will help you get as many of these points as possible!

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