UBE Course Testimonials from July 2017 Bar Exam Takers

ube course testimonials, Improve Your MEE ScoreUBE Course Testimonials

Looking for a new approach to the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE)? Check out some of our recent UBE course testimonials from the July 2017 UBE course.

UBE Course Testimonial from a July 2017 New York Bar Exam Taker:

I am so happy to report that I have PASSED The Uniform Bar Exam with a whopping score of 298 (140.5 MBE).

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for your labor of love and your level of dedication and commitment in preparing me for this exam. As I told you before, you prepared me so well for this exam, I walked-in knowing I was ready and left knowing that I had passed. You were nothing short of absolutely amazing. I cannot thank you enough.

And to my grader, Robert, you ROCK.  The way you and Ambika evaluated my writing and was critical about every detail, not only prepared me well for the exam but also in practice.  I love and appreciate the brutal honesty and critical feedback from style, grammar, punctuation, content, presentation, every detail made me a much better writer.

Again, I cannot thank you both enough.

And to Ashley, thank you so much for having commitment and vision to launch this program, like NO OTHER BAR REVIEW PROGRAM ON THE PLANET. You have assembled a WORLD-CLASS team of talented scholars and I’m so grateful to have learned from two of your very best.  I am an unofficial official ambassador of the JD Advising Program and I look forward to every opportunity to brag about just how grateful I am for this program.

Again, Thank You!!!!!!!

UBE Course Testimonial from a July 2017 Third-Time Illinois Bar Exam Taker:

My score prior to taking this course was a 236. While the bar examiners refuse to release my passing score, at minimum I made a 30 point jump to pass with a 266. I took the exam twice before taking the JD Advising UBE Course. I would highly recommend using this course versus any commercial course like Barbri or Kaplan. If I could go back I would have never signed up for a commercial course. Unlike commercial courses, JD Advising provided UBE outlines that were not as dense and multiple examples after each concept that actually make sense. Since I have trouble memorizing, this was a game changer because I was mentally capable of breaking down the concept and capable of associating the concept/topic with certain scenarios for a practical use on the exam. Moreover, the UBE Course provided actual bar exam essay questions from the past, allowing everyone to practice questions that will likely be brought up on the actual exam. Lastly, the best way to study for this exam is improving your essays through constant feedback, quizzes that force you to memorize, short outlines with easy to learn mnemonics, and a proper strategy to attack the multiple choice which can only be learned through this course.

 I received my Illinois Bar Exam results today and I am very happy to share with you that I passed the exam. I greatly appreciate all of your help throughout this process, all of the feedback on my essays, all of the nuanced questions that you were able to answer, and the constant motivation to master this exam. I hope the rest of the class was as lucky as I was.

UBE Course Testimonial from a July 2017 Third-Time Arizona Bar Exam Taker:

Is it over the top to say that JD Advising LLC is nothing short of miracle program? I took the Arizona State Bar Exam three (yes 3) times without obtaining the score necessary to pass in Arizona.  I had previously attempted bar prep with both Themis and Kaplan preparation courses without success. Enter JD Advising LLC!

The outlines are amazing; succinct and on point with outstanding coverage of the truly relevant topics for the Bar Exam. More importantly in my case, I learned HOW to write for the bar exam. The feedback I received on my essays was invaluable.

My score increased 20 points with this program. My previous scores were close but JD Advising gave me a passing score with room to spare. I cannot recommend JD Advising enough!!! -UBE Course taker

If you are interested in signing up for our Uniform Bar Exam course, please contact us as soon as possible. We have a very small class so that we can maximize our individualized instruction and training. We only have a couple of spots left for the upcoming bar exam.

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