uniform bar exam score 300UBE SCORE = 300! How we helped a third-time bar exam taker get a score of 300 (and improve her MBE score 21 points!)!

We recently received this email from one of our Uniform Bar Exam course takers. She had studied for the North Carolina bar exam twice on her own and did not pass. She then passed the Uniform bar exam on her third try after taking our course! She said: 

I just wanted to let you know that I found out yesterday that I PASSED the Uniform Bar Exam in WV! I previously sat for (and failed) the NC bar exam twice, but am so happy to have finally passed! Thank you so much to everyone at JD Advising – I have never felt so confident going into the exam and truly felt like I knew what I was doing.

Special thanks to Maral for her essay feedback. Not only was her feedback specific to each essay, but she truly built on previous essays and would let me know areas where she saw growth or areas that I needed to work harder at.

I honestly walked out of the first day feeling so prepared and confident that I knew the content and was able to write passing essays. I really feel like using JD Advising was a game changer for me and would recommend your program to all bar takers!

I am not sure of my exact score yet, but know that it was at least a 270!


[Later, she followed up with her score when she received it!]

I received a 300 as my combined score! My MBE score went from a 125 to a 146, and my written score was a 154!

Thank you again to everyone!!!!

She is not the only one receiving good news this month! We also received this email from one of our third-time bar exam takers in Illinois:

Dear Megan, Ambika, Alexandra, Rosie & the entire JD Advising Team,

I am thrilled to (finally) be able to say I passed the bar! I would not have been able to accomplish this feat without your guidance, support and the wealth of resources you provided during this program.

This is especially true regarding the one-sheets. Please make sure to remind your future students to start reviewing/memorizing them from the very beginning! They are invaluable.

Thank you again for all your help.

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