ube states local component, ube states local examUBE States and “Local Components”: Do I need to take an additional exam to be licensed?

Some students believe that they can simply take the Uniform Bar Exam and then be licensed in their chosen jurisdiction. However, that is unfortunately not the case! In addition to applying to be licensed (which includes paying filing fees and passing a character and fitness component), your state may also require a local component. That is, in addition to passing the Uniform Bar Exam, you may also have to pass a state-specific exam or undergo a different requirement to ensure you know that state’s law.

Many of these state-specific exams are online. Whether you take the exam before or after the bar exam is up to the state. However, most states require completion of the local component before the bar exam.

In the chart above, which is promulgated by the National Conference of Bar Examiners, states highlighted in red do not have a local component. States highlighted in blue have a pre-admission component. And states highlighted in green have a post-admission component. Please make sure to consult your jurisdiction for details! This chart is meant merely to give you an overview of which states make require additional steps to be admitted.