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Our JD Advising Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) course is a fantastic alternative to a commercial course. We just got this email from someone who scored a 300 on the UBE—a passing score in every jurisdiction—after two unsuccessful attempts with other companies:

I just wanted to let you know that I found out yesterday that I PASSED the Uniform Bar Exam in WV!  I previously sat for (and failed) the NC bar exam twice, but am so happy to have finally passed! Thank you so much to everyone at JD Advising – I have never felt so confident going into the exam and truly felt like I knew what I was doing. Special thanks to Maral for her essay feedback. Not only was her feedback specific to each essay, but she truly built on previous essays and would let me know areas where she saw growth or areas that I needed to work harder at.
I honestly walked out of the first day feeling so prepared and confident that I knew the content and was able to write passing essays. I really feel like using JD Advising was a game changer for me and would recommend your program to all bar takers! … 
I received a  300 as my combined score! My MBE score went from a 125 to a 146, and my written score was a 154! Again, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!!






We have bar exam options for everyone!

USE THE CODE BAREXAM2020 to save $905 on our On Demand Course and get the best bar prep for just $2,094.99! Discount available for a limited time only.


Regardless of which of the above programs you choose, you will receive:

  • The best bar exam instruction by bar exam experts
  • Outlines that are precisely tailored to the Unifrom bar exam. Our outlines tell you exactly what you need to know to pass
  • Past essay questions from 2000 to the present date plus model answers, and grading by a personal essay grader
  • Over 1,500 released MBE Questions
  • Our Multistate Essay Exam one-sheets!


COST The Uniform Bar Exam course cost is variable, based on which option you choose. This course can be paid via check, cash, or credit card!
LOCATION It is held on demand or live online (we use a video conferencing platform where multiple people can sign in at once).
TIME See our course syllabus if you are taking our Premium or Premium Plus course. The On Demand option is available on December 1 for February takers and May 15 for July takers.
WHAT IS COVERED? This is a full-service course. You will receive outlines for each subject, detailed instruction, and released MBE and essay questions along with model answers.
WANT MORE INFORMATION? See the differences between JD Advising and a standard commercial course here. Read course testimonials here! Read more about the advantages of our On Demand Course here!

Additional Testimonials:

JD Advising’s UBE course is unparalleled in its effectiveness and my results are representative of this. Ambika and Meagan provided outstanding feedback and guidance on my essays, and completely re-shaped my approach to the MPT/MEE portions. Persuasive writing has always been my weak point, so even I was amazed by how much I improved over such a short period of time. What’s more, they were able to do this while I was working full time, and only had time to study for a few hours a day after work and on the weekends.JD’s UBE course provides high-quality outlines that are well-organized and easy to follow/understand, especially during lecture. Ambika and Meagan are both excellent instructors who encourage interaction during lectures and will review your performance on both their quizzes and practice essays with great detail and reliable feedback. They are always willing to go the extra mile by working overtime to ensure that each student gets reliable information! For these reasons, I would recommend JD Advising to both first-time and repeat takers of the UBE alike – the quality they provide simply can’t be beat.

To everyone at JD Advising – thank you for everything that you do!