Uniform Bar Exam highly tested issues

Uniform Bar Exam Highly Tested Issues

Not all topics are tested equally on the Uniform Bar Exam!  In fact, some topics come up frequently on BOTH the MEE and MBE portions of the exam!  Check out this video to get more information on Uniform Bar Exam highly tested issues!

Uniform Bar Exam Highly Tested Issues

In the video below, we highlight not only which topics come up frequently on BOTH the MEE and MBE portions of the exam, but we also provide a brief overview of the applicable rules!  This is a great place to start if you are wondering where to begin your preparation for the bar exam.  It is also a great resource if you are at the end of your bar prep and are looking for a last-minute review of some highly tested topics!

Here are some of the topics that are covered in this video:

1. Civil Procedure

Civil Procedure is the most highly tested subject on the MEE!  Additionally, you will see 25 scored Civil Procedure questions on the MBE!  Some of the highly tested topics within Civil Procedure include subject matter jurisdiction, personal jurisdiction, and transfer of venue.

2. Constitutional Law

25 of the scored MBE questions will cover Constitutional Law and this is a subject that also appears frequently on the MEE!  The topics that we see tested over and over in Constitutional Law include individual rights (and, specifically free speech), the Commerce Clause/Dormant Commerce Clause, and the prohibition against Congress commandeering the states.

3. Contracts & Sales

Contracts also comprises 25 of the 175 scored MBE questions, and commonly appears on the MEE.  Some of the common issues that are tested include formation of contracts, performance, breach and discharge, and damages.  Be sure to check out the video for some helpful tips on how to approach these topics on essays!

4. Evidence

Evidence is highly tested can be confusing as there is a lot of information to memorize in this subject!  Focusing on the highly tested topics such as hearsay, impeachment, character, and relevance, can help make Evidence less daunting!

5. Torts

Negligence is the most highly tested topic of any other topic on the bar exam, making up 12-13 of the 25 Torts MBE questions, and also appearing frequently on Torts essays!  Within negligence, premises liability is an MBE favorite!  Other than negligence, vicarious liability and intentional torts also commonly appear on both the MBE and MEE!

Be sure to check out this video for even more information about these highly tested topics on the UBE!

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