Uniform Bar Exam Tutoring: How It Helps & Where To Find It

Uniform Bar Exam Tutoring

Uniform Bar Exam Tutoring: How it Can Help and Where I Can Find It

 The bar exam is daunting—regardless of whether you are taking it for the first time or as a repeat taker. Many students are hesitant to get a tutor because of the expense associated with it. This is obviously a valid consideration. But the flip of that coin is that you should consider the cost associated with failing the bar exam (it can get expensive). Failing the bar exam not only comes with the costs associated with retaking the exam, but oftentimes students need to take time off work (which decreases income). Further, your chance at making an attorney salary will be delayed an additional six months at minimum. So, paying extra up front to maximize your chances of passing can be worth it from a monetary standpoint.

If you are interested in Uniform Bar Exam tutoring and wondering whether it will help you or where to find it, you have come to the right place. Below are some reasons why obtaining Uniform Bar Exam tutoring will help you.

Uniform Bar Exam Tutoring: How it Can Help and Where I Can Find It

1. A Tutor Can Help You Figure Out Your Strengths and Weaknesses.

We often meet with students who tell us that they know exactly what their issues are. However, our experience has taught us that sometimes it is hard for you to identify exactly where you need help.

Most people have a general idea on where they struggle or things that they do or don’t understand, but they often underestimate the depth of these weaknesses. This is important because a tutor can help you figure out exactly what you do and don’t know. Once this is clear, it becomes easier to create a schedule that will be far more effective.

2. A Tutor Can Explain Substantive Issues.

One of the biggest hurdles in bar preparation is understanding the law. It is especially frustrating if you are prepping with a company that uses pre-recorded lectures or if you are unable to ask questions. What is also true, is if you don’t understand the law you will have increased difficulty with memorizing the law. In other words, when you understand something, it becomes much easier to commit to memory. By engaging in Uniform Bar Exam Tutoring you will have the opportunity to ask questions and have the law explained to you in a way that makes sense. A tutor can help you further by engaging you in ways that simply listening to a lecture or reading an outline cannot.

3. Uniform Bar Exam Tutoring Can Teach You How to Take the Test.

Understanding the law and having it memorized is obviously a huge component to passing the bar exam. But there is more to it than just that!  You have to know how to take the test in order to excel. Uniform Bar Exam tutoring will cover every component of the exam to ensure that you are successful. A tutor will not only help you understand the law, but will show you how to take the actual test. Plenty of very intelligent people fail the bar exam for not knowing how to take the test! By signing up for Uniform Bar Exam tutoring you are covering all of your bases.

4. A Tutor Can Offer More Help Than Just Substantive Guidance.

We spend the majority of our sessions talking about substantive issues and working on application with MEEs, MPTS, and MBE questions. However, we also frequently spend at least some time, with every student, on the human aspect of this exam. The bar exam is incredibly stressful and it causes many different emotional reactions in students. A Uniform Bar Exam tutor can help you work through these stressful times and find an approach to make you feel better and stay productive. By having someone that you can talk to during your session, or email, or call, who understands how you feel is a great resource! A bar exam tutor does more than provide substantive support—but emotional support as well.

5. A Tutor Will Help Keep you Accountable.

 We often find ourselves in a position where a potential client comes to us and we tell them they don’t need tutoring based on their credentials. However, many of these people decide, regardless of our advice, to move forward with Uniform Bar Exam tutoring because they want accountability. They want a schedule and help breaking down the huge amount of work in front of them into manageable pieces. They also want to know that they have a deadline for completing MBE questions and essays and MPTs. For example, if they know that we expect them to send us 3 MEE’s and an MPT by a specific date, they are more likely to do it than if they had a self-imposed deadline. Finally, they like to know that if they aren’t completed in a timely manner there is someone asking them what happened.

A tutor can help keep you on track so that the large amount of work you have to complete will feel manageable. In reality, one of the biggest mistakes we see people make is that they fall behind and can’t catch up—by working with a tutor you may be less likely to fall in this trap.

 6. A Tutor Will Provide You With Feedback.

By utilizing Uniform Bar Exam tutoring you will be able to get feedback on your approach to MBE questions, MEE questions and MPTs. With most traditional bar prep approaches, many students simply practice and practice with no to very little feedback on their performance. This often feeds the cycle of anxiety because the student has no idea if they are on track or improving. A tutor will not only tell you what questions you should be completing when, but they will grade your performance and provide written feedback so you know exactly what you need to do to improve.

7. There are a Variety of Tutoring Options.

When it comes to tutoring there is not “one size fits all” like most traditional commercial course options. A tutor will take a very individualized approach to help you determine what exactly you need to succeed. Some students need just a few sessions and some written feedback on their work. Other students need to meet once a week, and want continuous accountability. It really just depends on your needs, budget and preference. The take-a-way is that there are many options—not just one “package.”

8. Where Can I Find Uniform Bar Exam Tutoring?

If you are interested in Uniform Bar Exam tutoring, look no further! We take a very individualized approach to determine what exactly you need to succeed. In the past, we have also worked with many students who have learning disabilities. We are unique, in terms of bar exam tutors, in that the bar exam is all we do! We know it better than anyone. For more information about our Uniform Bar Exam tutoring services click here.

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Ambika, one of our bar exam tutors, wrote this post. She has passed three bar exams, including California, New York, and New Jersey. She scored in the 95 percentile on the MBE, and specializes in helping students raise their uniform bar exam scores!

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Ashley Heidemann is the owner and founder of JD Advising. Ms. Heidemann scored over a 180 on the Michigan Bar Exam in February of 2011 after graduating as the #1 student in her law school class of over 200 students in 2011. She, as well as a team of others, offer bar exam courses, seminars, and private tutoring for bar exam students nationwide. This includes services for the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) and Michigan bar exam.  Please click here to contact her company, with any questions.