How To Use JD Advising’s Multistate Bar Exam One-Sheets

multistate bar exam one-sheets

How To Use JD Advising’s Multistate Bar Exam One-Sheets

One of the common questions we have been getting from students is the best way to utilize our multistate bar exam one-sheets. In this post, we cover the ideal way to use our MBE one-sheets during your bar prep!

How To Use JD Advising’s Multistate Bar Exam One-Sheets

1. Buy them early.

The more time you have them, the more time you have to review them. We do have a lot of customers who purchase the one-sheets right before the exam. They end up finding them helpful but to get the most out of them, we recommend you purchase them early.

Our multistate bar exam one-sheets are also great for last minute review, but they are best used to get the most out of your prep leading up to the bar exam.

2. Review them as you are reviewing lecture handouts. They are great for giving you a bigger picture of the law if you are having trouble figuring out how concepts fit together.

Using our multistate bar exam one-sheets before a lecture will help you get the most out of it! Sometimes students feel lost and wonder how the concepts fit together. Students feel like they are learning a lot of details but can’t piece them together.

Having one-sheets can be helpful and make understanding the bigger picture of the law more manageable. Once you get the bigger picture down, it will be easier to learn and remember the details of the law.

3. Use them as a convenient last-minute review in the days leading up to the bar exam.

Our multistate bar exam one-sheets are also great for last minute review. If you are worried about whether you have the black letter law firmly memorized, these can be a great help! Time is at such a premium while you study. In the last days before the bar exam, these one-sheets can help you focus on highly tested areas of law that you are likely to see on the MBE.

4. Use them as a perfect quiz resource for memorizing the law.

Our one-sheets are a perfect quiz tool to make sure you have the MBE portion of the bar exam nailed down. Since all the highly tested issues are on legal sized paper, front and back, it’s convenient quiz material. Look for a portion of an MBE subject you are not comfortable with, and cover up the answer while you recite the law. Then check in real time if you were correct!

5. Bring them to the bar exam with you instead of lugging books and outlines!

The last thing you need on bar exam day is more stress. Our one-sheets allow you to leave your heavy, cumbersome books behind! Instead of hauling them back and forth to your bar exam venue, simply take our one-sheets with you.

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You can purchase our MBE one-sheets here.

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A sample of our Constitutional Law MBE one-sheet

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