Answer Law School Exam Questions

 How To Answer Law School Exam Questions!

Your grade in a law school class is almost entirely based on one examination.  That means that your performance on that exam is VERY important!  Check out the video below for tips on how to answer law school exam questions!

How To Answer Law School Exam Questions!

In the below video, Meagan covers many tips for answering law school exams to help you achieve a top grade in your class!  Some of the tips that you may find helpful include:

1. Be familiar with the IRAC format.

IRAC stands for issue, rule, analysis, conclusion.  This is the “formula” you should use in answering law school exam questions.  In the below video, Meagan provides tips and tricks for how to get the most points for each of these sections of your exam answer!

2. Practice with sample questions

Because law school exams are probably very different from any other exam you have previously taken, it is important to practice so that you are familiar with this type of exam!  Check out the video for some sources for practice exams, as well as how and why you should complete practice exams!

3. Make stylistic and organizational Improvements to boost your score!

There are little things you can do to the structure of your answer to make it easier for your professor to grade (and, thus, earn a higher score)!  Check out the video for tips on using headings to break up an answer and bolding/italicizing keywords and phrases!

Check out the full video here:

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