Wayne Law Purchases JD Advising’s How to Pass the Michigan Bar Exam Book for Bar Exam Takers

Wayne Law Purchases JD Advising’s How to Pass the Michigan Bar Exam Book for WSU Law Bar Exam Takers

Wayne State University Law School has purchased JD Advising’s How to Pass the Michigan Bar Exam book for it’s July bar exam takers signed up for JD Advising’s 5-part bar exam preparatory program at WSU.   The five-part program includes graded essay exams, a Michigan Bar Exam seminar, a Multistate Bar Exam seminar, as well as JD Advising’s book. Wayne State University Law students who have copies of the book will be at a distinct advantage when taking the bar exam. The 2017 edition of How to Pass the Michigan Bar Exam book provides all of the following:  

  • secrets for studying smart for the Michigan bar exam,  
  • a step-by-step guide for writing high-scoring Michigan bar exam essays,  
  • a time-tested method to improve your multiple choice (MBE) score,
  • MBE strategies by subject,
  • twenty-four “one-sheets” that condense the most highly-tested areas of law for each of the potential Michigan bar exam essay subjects into one sheet each, and
  • essay questions, model answers, as well as actual graded students answers from the July 2014 Michigan essay exam, both essay exams in 2015, and both essay exams in 2016.

Wayne Law Purchases JD Advising’s How to Pass the Michigan Bar Exam Book for Bar Exam Takers

The book, written by JD Advising’s founder Ashley Heidemann, is the second edition.  The first edition of the book received glowing reviews from students taking the bar exam. Wayne Law purchased a copy of the 2016 edition for each member of its graduating class last year, as well as for February bar exam takers.

If you’re taking the Michigan bar exam, and looking for resources to help you increase your score, the How to Pass the Michigan Bar Exam book will help you achieve this goal!  

You can purchase the How to Pass the Michigan Bar Exam book here.

A testimonial for the book:

The only thing worse than failing the bar exam is failing the bar exam multiple times. Unfortunately, that’s where I found myself in October 2015, as it was then that I learned that I failed the Michigan Bar Exam for the third time. Increasingly desperate, I came to the realization that BarBri wasn’t cutting it. While BarBri and other heavily regimented prep courses work for some people, it was not helpful for someone working full-time. I didn’t have the time or the mental wherewithal to sit through scores of three-hour lectures. I firmly believe that purchasing Ashley Heidemann’s How to Pass the Michigan Bar Exam was the reason that I passed the February 2016 Michigan Bar Exam.

I found Ashley’s multiple choice tips to be helpful. The real payoff, however, was the invaluable essay section. True to its description, How to Pass contains “[t]wenty four ‘one-sheets’ that condense the most highly-tested areas of law for each of the potential Michigan bar exam essay subjects into one sheet.” These one-sheets concisely and conveniently present vital information in a digestible form. So, when the Board of Law Examiners tests seldom-studied areas of law (as it did in February 2016 when Agency and Conflicts of Law were tested), test-takers will be prepared. They will, of course, be better prepared for heavily tested areas of law, too. In short, I highly recommend How to Pass to anyone sitting for the Michigan Bar Exam—it’s a must-have.

Looking for Michigan bar exam assistance options?

Whether you failed the Michigan bar exam or whether you are just looking for an efficient supplement to your commercial course, we offer several options that can help you pass the next exam, including:

  • Michigan bar exam appeals. We wrote 5 of the 6 passing Michigan bar exam appeals in the state for the July 2016 bar exam. If you failed the bar exam but are close to passing, it is worth considering an appeal.
  • A full-service Michigan bar exam course, which is complete with outlines completely tailored to the Michigan bar exam, released multiple-choice questions, and essay questions. You can read more about the  course here as well as download a copy of the syllabus.
  • A Michigan bar exam essay course which is super-popular even among those who take standard commercial courses. It will give you a huge advantage on essay day. To read more about the Michigan bar exam essay course, please see this link.
  • Private tutoring for the Michigan bar exam. You cannot beat one-on-one private tutoring. You can sign up for one session or 30 sessions (or any number in between). To learn about our private tutoring services, click here.
  • We have a Michigan bar exam seminar that is held approximately two weeks before the bar exam and has received raving reviews. In it, we predict what will (and will not) be on the exam and we give an (approximate) 45-page outline to students to review.
  • We have a book, How to Pass the Michigan Bar Exam, which contains our strategy for the bar exam, the past five bar exams with model answers and student answers, as well as (our student’s favorites…) “one-sheets” – each essay topic summarized in one sheet!
  • We offer an MBE Strategies workshop. We offer this workshop both one-on-one and in a group setting.

Ashley Heidemann owns JD Advising and The Heidemann Law Firm. Ms. Heidemann scored over a 180 on the Michigan Bar Exam in February of 2011 after graduating as the #1 student in her law school class of over 200 students in 2011. Her company offers bar exam courses, seminars, and private tutoring for bar exam students nationwide. This includes services for the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) and Michigan bar exam  Please click here to contact her company.