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real MBE questions, Free Multistate Performance Test ResourcesMany students ask us, “What are the best MBE questions?” The best MBE questions do not necessarily come from Kaplan or Barbri.  In fact, we think that the best MBE questions come from other sources.

We strongly believe that the best MBE questions are actual released bar exam questions. Why complete questions that are made up by a course when you can get actual questions? We always recommend that students focus on the actual bar exam multiple-choice questions then use their course’s multiple-choice questions as a back-up resource.

Where can I find the Best MBE Questions (That is, Actual Released Questions)? 

You can find actual released MBE questions from the following sources:

1. JD Advising Online Store. We offer real MBE questions for purchase, including a set of the most recent 210 questions that were released by the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) at the end of 2017! You cannot get better than these questions as htey are hot off the press.

2. Strategies & Tactics for the MBE. We like this book because the explanations are very good. It is divided into about 60 questions per subject then has a full test at the end.  It has all seven subjects tested though it does not have released civil procedure questions. (If you are looking for released civil procedure MBE questions, check out ours here). Remember to get the Sixth edition. Earlier editions use different question formats and they are useless!

Update: January 28, 2018: The Sixth Edition contains Civil Procedure questions. Unfortunately, they are not released Civil Procedure questions as the NCBE has very few released Civil Procedure questions. (Though some released Civil Procedure questions are available on our website here.)

3. Adaptibar: Adaptibar advertises using actual released MBE questions.  Adaptibar is ideal for students who like to do questions on their phones or electronically. They do not have released civil procedure questions as of right now (they only have civil procedure questions that they invented).

4. The National Conference of Bar Examiners  (the organization that writes the MBE) has four 100-question exams online (called MBE “Online Practice Exams” or MBE OPE’). Each one is $50. They do not contain Civil Procedure questions. Some students are able to print the 100-question exams but it best to plan to do them online. It is also hard to answer questions one-by-one because you have to keep opening new windows to see the answer choices.  The bonus is that you are able to see where you rank in each subject area in accordance with others who have taken the exam. So if you see you are constantly scoring low in, say, Evidence, you can make it a priority to work on that.

Remember to start with just one of these sources. If you buy questions from all of the sources, you will see repeat-questions!

Why don’t Barbri and Kaplan use Actual MBE Questions?  

We really do not know, but we suspect that they do not want to pay for a license from the National Conference of Bar Examiners. Plus, since many people do not know that actual MBE questions exist, there is probably less demand for it. If you know of any other sources which we did not list, please post below or click here to contact us and let us know!

Looking for additional MBE help?

If you are looking for MBE help, read our 10 expert MBE tips here. Check out our step-by-step guide to improving your MBE score, please review this post for an overview of tips. This is a great free MBE resource.


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