mpre questions, real mpre questionsWhat Does JD Advising’s MBE Guide Cover?

If you are considering purchasing our MBE Guide, you may wonder exactly what it covers. Here, we show you the table of contents which tells you the topics that the MBE Guide covers. We also have a sample of the MBE Guide as well as some testimonials below. For more information, see our MBE Guide page here.

MBE Guide Table of Contents

MBE Strategies for Civil Procedure. 3

  1. Introductory tips.. 4
  2. Memorize the nuances of service of process methods.. 4
  3. Understand the difference between general and specific personal jurisdiction.. 5
  4. Subject-matter jurisdiction can be challenged at any time! 8
  5. Remember the justification for different kinds of subject-matter jurisdiction.. 9
  6. Be aware of a few less frequently tested but tricky matters, including impleader and default judgments. 12

MBE Strategies for Constitutional Law.. 14

  1. Introductory tips.. 15
  2. Congress only has the powers given to it by the Constitution. Any powers not given to Congress are left to the states. 15
  3. Substantive due process.. 16
  4. Equal protection.. 18
  5. States are not permitted to be protectionist and favor in-state commerce over out-of-state commerce. This is known as the Dormant Commerce Clause.. 20

MBE Strategies for Contracts and Sales. 25

  1. Introductory tips.. 26
  2. Be aware of the differences between performance obligations under common law and the UCC. 26
  3. Revocation of acceptance of goods is a much higher standard than rejection. 28
  4. Know the intricacies of UCC 2-207 (battle of the forms) and how it differs from the common law mirror-image rule. 30

MBE Strategies for Criminal Law and Procedure. 36

  1. Introductory tips.. 38
  2. Be aware of the different mindsets (mens rea) when you are studying crimes. 38
  3. Accomplice liability is not a crime. It is a way to find a party who did not directly commit the crime to be liable for that crime as an accomplice. A person is an accomplice if they assist or encourage the principal with the intent that the crime is committed. 40
  4. Homicide.. 40
  5. Fourth Amendment. 43
  6. The exclusionary rule: If police officers violate the Fourth Amendment, any unconstitutionally-obtained evidence (and any fruits of that evidence) will be kept out of evidence at trial. That is, it will be excluded. This is called the exclusionary rule. 45
  7. The privilege against self-incrimination arising from the Fifth Amendment (pleading the Fifth) 46

MBE Strategies for Evidence. 48

  1. Introductory tips. 49
  2. Memorize every single hearsay exclusion and hearsay exception! 49
  3. Character evidence is offered in three ways on the bar exam. 54

MBE Strategies for Real Property. 61

  1. Introductory tips.. 61
  2. Understand recording acts. 61
  3. Understand priority in disputes involving mortgages.. 63
  4. Be aware of what it means to assume a mortgage, take property subject to a mortgage, as well as the effects of a novation. 65
  5. Understand general rules regarding marketability and risk of loss.. 66
  6. Understand the nuances of joint tenancies. 68

MBE Strategies for Torts. 71

  1. Introductory tips.. 72
  2. Remember to classify torts into intentional torts, negligence torts, and strict liability torts. You should memorize which torts fall into which category or else you may be tricked by MBE questions. 72
  3. Causation: note the differences between actual and proximate cause. 73
  4. Harm: In negligence cases, there must be harm. This contrasts with intentional tort cases (battery, assault, trespass, etc.) where the damages can be nominal. Note also that the harm must be foreseeable. (The manner in which the harm occurred does not have to be foreseeable.) 74
  5. Pure comparative negligence and joint and several liability are the default rules on the MBE. 75
  6. Know what a wild animal is and the standard of care that applies to wild animals.. 77
  7. Emotional distress claims: Remember the difference between intentional infliction of emotional distress (IIED) and negligent infliction of emotional distress (NIED). 80

Good luck! 82

Can I see a sample of the MBE Guide?

Yes, you can also see a sample of the Contracts portion here.

How do I purchase the MBE Guide?

You can purchase the guide here.

Do you have testimonials for the MBE Guide?

Yes! Here are a few recent testimonials:

I loved the MBE Guide! It really helped me understand some confusing topics in each area. It had great examples and focused on smaller topics that I know myself and others were getting confused on. I would recommend it to all bar takers. – Purchaser of MBE Guide

This guide was THE SINGLE BEST piece of material I feel I could have purchased to prep for the Ohio bar. I wish someone would have told me about it sooner. It was great; great tips, lots of help with problem areas, and I really think I got much more insight into the way to think about and approach MBE questions. – Purchaser of MBE Guide

I recommend the MBE guide wholeheartedly. It really helped me to conceptualize complex topics such as evidence and free speech. The guide also provided comfort at review time because the most important topics are concisely and simply there. – Purchaser of MBE Guide

I found the MBE Guide and the MEE one sheets as valuable study guides. Everything was well organized which in turn made me feel more confident while studying and taking the bar exam. – Purchaser of MBE Guide

In my opinion, your MBE and MEE guides, one-sheets, and seminars are tremendously helpful and on point. They contain all the substance and allow to focus on the core material. In comparison to other prep materials, I think you’re just way ahead of the game! – Purchaser of MBE Guide

I found the MBE guide incredibly helpful and I would absolutely recommend it to others. It gave a comprehensive breakdown of the most pertinent areas of law, and I wish I would have purchased it sooner. – Purchaser of MBE Guide

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