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On The Fence About Law School

What If I Am On The Fence About Law School?

2020 is now officially over us and we can all begin to set our sights on 2021’s goals and aspirations. As the country slowly begins to roll out the COVID-19 vaccine, 2021 already looks more promising for everyone. Slowly but surely, things are returning back to normal. One thing that definitely hasn’t changed much from 2020 to 2021? The law school application process. While most students have an idea of why they’re attending law school, this post is for those on the fence about law school. Maybe you didn’t know what to do after college and just applied out of curiosity? Perhaps your plans for after college fell through and you figured law school might be a good idea? Or possibly your uncle is a lawyer, and he seems pretty cool? Whatever the reason, we’re here to help you figure out if law school is a good choice for you.

What If I Am On The Fence About Law School?

Just Because You’re Admitted Doesn’t Mean It’s The Right Choice

Listen, getting into a law school of your choice is an accomplishment and you should be proud of that. However, just because you got admitted into law school doesn’t mean you should go. If you’re a college student who recently graduated and decided to “try” law school, let us stop you right there. There’s a lot of things you should “try” in life. We’re not going to name them, but we trust that you have a working list. Law school is definitely not something you should get involved with “for the heck of it.” Law school is definitely not something to attend because you weren’t sure what else to do with your life. Why?

Law school is a huge undertaking, that alongside medical school, is one of the most difficult post-college paths to take. We here at JD Advising all had classmates who dropped out of law school after the first semester. They simply realized that it wasn’t the right path for them. The result? They left with nothing to show, a mountain of student debt to pay back, and a loss of 6 months. You don’t want to be that person. I once famously had my 1L professor say on the first day of class a line that I’ll never forget. “For those of you that don’t know why you’re here, you won’t be here in 6 months.” The scary thing – he was totally accurate.

Do You Have Any Idea What Law School Or Being A Lawyer Is Like?

If you recently submitted a law school application and don’t have a clue as to anything legally related – address this. Take some time between now and the start of law school to get some experience. That could mean clerking in a law firm, shadowing an attorney occasionally, or sitting in on a law school class. Chances are, your ideas of how a law firm works, what attorneys do, and what law school is like, will all be changed. For example, maybe you figure out that attorneys often work long and stressful hours under intense amounts of pressure. Maybe you realize that law school is 3-years and will deny you of certain experiences your friends will enjoy. Either way, you’ll realize that you made the right choice, or that a legal career isn’t the right path.

What Are Your Strengths/Weaknesses?

While law school brings students from all different backgrounds together, there are common strengths that unit them all. For example, do you get bored easily? If your answer is yes, attending law school should be re-evaluated. Law school requires immense amounts of extended analytical and comprehension skills. Do you perform well in competitive environments? Law school is a naturally competitive environment. You will be competing against other students for grades, jobs, clerkships, etc… Do you enjoy reading and writing? Law school is an environment that requires hours and hours of reading and writing. These are only some of the aspects that should be considered when deciding to attend law school.

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