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Advanced JD Program

What Is An Advanced JD Program?

Well to start, an advanced JD program is NOT some sort of advanced level degree handed out to ambitious law students. Despite its name, an advanced JD program doesn’t actually have anything to do with the type of degree received. Instead, an advanced JD program is a program offered by select law schools and could mean one of three things. So, let’s take a look at the different meanings behind the advanced JD program name. Again, there is no such thing as an “advanced JD degree.” These interpretations refer only to certain programs at certain schools, so be sure to check what schools offer what programs. Many times, if a university is large and contains multiple schools within it, these programs may all be offered.

What Is An Advanced JD Program?

“3+3” Program

A JD advantage program may be referred to as a “3+3 JD program.” The name comes from the fact that students usually receive their bachelor’s degree after the first year of law school. Therefore, a student is completing two degrees in six years, rather than the traditional seven, it would normally take. Generally, requirements for admission are higher than for general enrollment and some programs restrict enrollment to a specific prelaw major. While not very common in the United States, these programs have recently started to gain popularity. This is especially true for those who know early on law school is in their future!

Accelerated Law School Program

A JD advantage program could also mean an accelerated law school program. These accelerated programs usually offer students the option to complete three years of education in only two years. These programs condense the traditional law school program into a shortened version of itself. This typically includes going to school in the summertime, where the traditional three-year program leaves that time open for students to gain work experience. As a result of the accelerated program, students enjoy less tuition, a faster exit, and the ability to practice law sooner. Cost is now a very important factor for many students choosing a law school. As a result, these programs are more and more popular.

Foreign Law Grad Programs

Sometimes, programs offered by law schools for foreign students are referred to as advanced JD programs. These programs offer those who have studied law outside the United States the opportunity to complete a JD program. These programs can be completed in as little as two years and allow foreign students to take the Bar Exam. Students are often allowed to transfer credits from their first law degree towards completion of the second. Thus, this eliminates one year of study. As more and more foreign students seek to practice law in the United States, these programs are steadily increasing in demand.

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