Baby Bar Exam Day

What Is Baby Bar Exam Day Like?

After you have learned all about what is tested on the baby bar and spent weeks studying with our recommended resources, it is time to focus on what to expect the day of the test. Even if you are fully prepared, we understand that you might still be anxious about walking into the testing center. To help combat some of that anxiety, we explain what to expect on baby bar exam day and how you can best position yourself for success.

*Note, this information applies for a typical administration but may be disrupted due to COVID-19. For the latest Baby Bar updates for the 2020 administrations of the exam, check out the State Bar of California’s website for any changes.

What Is Baby Bar Exam Day Like?

What am I allowed to bring? 

Applicants are encouraged to read through the full list of approved items, but we note the ones of most interest in this post.

It is important that you bring your admission ticket and a photo ID. If you are handwriting your exam, you must bring blue or black pens. If you are taking the exam electronically, you can bring accessories for your laptop including a keyboard, riser, mouse, and mouse pad. Additionally, you are allowed silent analog watches, highlighters, non-mechanical pencils, and earplugs.

Applicants can also bring disability-related items that have been approved through the testing accommodations petition process.

All items are subject to examination by test administrators. If an applicant is found with an item that is not on the list, he or she will receive a conduct violation notice and might have sanctions imposed. If the applicant is found with an unauthorized electronic device, he or she will receive a zero for that session and may face additional sanctions.

What about food or snacks?

Applicants are not allowed to bring food, drinks, gum, candy, or cough drops into the examination room unless permission has been given through the accommodation process. However, there will be water and tissues available.

What can I wear?

We encourage you to be comfortable when taking the baby bar, but there are some items that are prohibited. These items include hats, caps, hoods, or any other type of non-religious headwear. If you do wear headwear for religious reasons, you can seek an exemption by filing this request form.

When does the baby bar start?

If you are using a laptop, you must be seated by 7:20 AM. If you are not using a laptop, you must be seated by 7:30 AM. You will find an identification badge at your assigned seat that you will be asked to wear during the exam.

What if I am late? 

If you arrive after one hour of testing as elapsed, you will not be allowed to enter.

What can I expect at the testing center? 

Applicants and administrators are encouraged to help make the testing environment as comfortable and as quiet as possible. However, there are circumstances that might be beyond the control of the testing center. For instance, the temperature might be too warm or too cold or there could be external noise.

To help with some of these unknowns, we recommend that you dress in layers and, if you are easily distracted by ambient sounds, it is best to bring earplugs. Any steps you can take to make yourself feel calmer and more in control, the better your performance will be on the day of the baby bar exam.

What if I don’t follow one of the rules? 

As with most standardized tests, there are serious consequences for not following the rules. Any failure to follow oral or written instructions will result in a notice being sent to the Committee of Bar Examiners for the California State Bar. If conduct is deemed to violate the security or disrupt the administration of the exam, you may be dismissed from the testing center. Such conduct could include using prohibited items, cheating, or being abusive towards other applicants.

Any final words of wisdom?

We recommend that you leave yourself plenty of time to find the testing center and your assigned room. You do not want to feel like you are in a rush the morning of the baby bar exam. It is also best to lay out all your materials the day before so that you know exactly what you are bringing.

Additionally, try to take a break from studying a few days before the exam. Be confident that you know the material and are positioned to pass the baby bar exam.

But if you do still feel like you could use some help on the content, sign up for our baby bar tutoring services. We can provide the extra guidance and advice you need to take this first step in becoming a lawyer!

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