baby bar exam statistics, FYLSE statistics,What is the Baby Bar Pass Rate?

The pass rate for the baby bar exam (also known as the First-Year Law Students’ Examination or FYLSE) is low.

As you can see from the table below, about 20% of examinees pass the baby bar. So, one in five students will pass the baby bar. (If you are a first-time baby bar exam taker, you have a statistically higher pass rate. About one in four first time takers will pass whereas about one in six repeat takers will pass.) In June 2018, the gap between the first-time and repeat-takers was among the widest it has ever been — with 32.3% of first-time takers passing and only 10.4% of repeat takers passing.

baby bar exam statistics, baby bar exam pass rate

Note that just because the baby bar pass rate is low does not mean you will fail the baby bar! Statistics do not take into account how much studying you have done or how hard you worked or how smart you are! They only say something about the group as a whole — not you individually! So please keep this in mind as you are studying for the baby bar!

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    Victor palacios

    I took the MPRE August 10,2019 and barely passed it 86 California it was a disciplinary requirement and st 78 years of age a real challenge thank you for you free course it stood me in good stead. So please keep swinging people

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