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failed the uniform bar exam, failed the ube, jd advising guide failed the ubeWhat to Do If You Failed the Uniform Bar Exam—A Guide by JD Advising

If you failed the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE), you are certainly not alone. However, you may find it difficult to know the next steps. We hear from many students who say they worked hard, completed their bar review course(s), and thought they were set to pass when they found out they failed the Uniform Bar Exam. This is devastating. And, even worse, some students feel hopeless. If they did everything “right” last time, will they ever pass?

The good news is, it is not only possible to pass the Uniform Bar Exam the next time you take it, but it is also probable! You are actually at an advantage if you failed the Uniform Bar Exam because (a) you aren’t starting from scratch (you certainly learned a lot when you studied the first time!) and (b) you have invaluable information at your disposal regarding what went well and what didn’t. This can illuminate the path going forward.

It is not always easy to figure out the next steps, so we created this helpful Guide on what to do if you failed the Uniform Bar Exam. Below, we give you a brief overview of what is in this guide:

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What to Do If You Failed the Uniform Bar Exam—A Guide by JD Advising

The following chapters are in our Uniform Bar Exam Guide:

  • Step 1: Introduction to the Guide: this is where we give you an introduction to the Guide and tell you what it is about.
  • Step 2: Learn How to Interpret Your Uniform Bar Exam Score Report: The first step on your journey to passing the bar exam is to figure out what went wrong the last exam you failed. One of the essential keys to doing that is to interpret your Uniform Bar Exam score report. Your UBE score report will give you valuable information about what went right and what you can improve on next time.
  • Step 3: Review Four Common Reasons Examinees Fail the Uniform Bar Exam: Here, we tell you four common reasons that students fail the Uniform Bar Exam. We specialize in helping repeat takers pass the Uniform Bar Exam, and here we list the four most common reasons that examinees fail. Keep this in mind when you get to the next step of looking at why you personally failed the bar exam.
  • Step 4: Figure out Why You Failed the Uniform Bar Exam: Here, we give you seven key questions to ask if you failed the Uniform Bar Exam. These seven key questions should give you a lot of insight about what went well and what didn’t. This is a critical step before you get to Step 5, which is coming up with a plan to pass the Uniform Bar Exam.
  • Step 5: Come up with a Plan on How to Pass the UBE: Here, we tell you how to pass the Uniform Bar Exam using what you learned from Step 4. We help you come up with ideas about what to incorporate into your personalized plan to make sure that you pass the next Uniform Bar Exam you encounter.
  • Step 6: Make an Effective UBE Study Schedule: A plan is only useful if it is detailed and broken down step-by-step! Here, we tell you how to make a detailed Uniform Bar Exam study schedule using the ideas you came up with from the last two steps.
  • Step 7: Review Tips on How to Pass the Bar Exam While Working Full Time: If you are working full time, as many repeat UBE takers do, this chapter will help you figure out how you can balance both work and studying. It is challenging, but it is definitely possible to do both.
  • Step 8: Learn How to Mentally Prepare to Retake the Bar Exam: One of the challenges that repeat takers face is getting into the right bar exam “mode.” In this chapter, we tell you how to mentally prepare to retake the bar exam so you can find confidence and motivation.
  • Step 9: Next Steps: We hope you are ready to conquer the Uniform Bar Exam! Here, we cover some next steps you can take moving forward in your journey.
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The Goal of Our Uniform Bar Exam Guide

Many students are unsure what to do after they failed the Uniform Bar Exam, which is where we come in! The goal of this Guide is to help you pick up where you left off studying for the UBE, and improve on your knowledge and skills to help you pass the exam this time around. Using the correct methods and tools, we hope you will feel more confident in, and hopefully pass, the Uniform Bar Exam when you take it the second time!

If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them. You can contact us here at your convenience. We love to hear from our readers.

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