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When will the October 2020 Washington D.C. Bar Exam results be released?

Washington D.C. Bar Exam results are usually released around mid-to-end of October. However, this year, the exam is being administered on October 5-6, 2020, and ONLINE only. So, we have no basis for this prediction, as this is uncharted territory! You can read more about D.C.’s bar exam changes here. Thus, it is unclear when the October 2020 Washington D.C. Bar Exam results will be released, but we have a guess!.

Note that Washington D.C. seems to like releasing results on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays for the most part. Read below for more information.

When will the October 2020 Washington D.C. Bar Exam results be released?

You can judge for yourself when you think the October 2020 Washington D.C. Bar Exam results will be released. The last several results dates for the Washington D.C. Bar Exam are posted below. This includes the day of the week they have been released. Due to COVID-19, it is very unclear when the results will be released this year. Why?

  • The bar exam is different (shorter than normal!)
  • The number of takers may change (it may increase or decrease)
  • The bar exam is later so the results release date will be later and probably not follow a standard pattern
  • It is unclear if the Board will have to change their grading process (i.e. how graders grade or who their graders are) due to the pandemic

However, our best guess is that the results will be released on or around Wednesday, December 16, 2020. This will be a quick turnaround for the board, however, it should be noted that they need to give adequate time to those who do not pass and need to prepare for the February 2021 bar exam. It is possible the release date will be later due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Note: Washington D.C, will sometimes update its website with the results release date. Please check there to see if their website is updated! Especially in light of COVID-19, we recommend checking the state website for the most up-to-date information!

Past Washington D.C. Bar Exam July results release dates

  • July 2019: Wednesday, October 30 (69% pass rate, 1241/1799 takers)
  • July 2018: Friday, November 9 (67% pass rate, 1140/1702 takers)
  • July 2017: Thursday, October 25 (72% pass rate, 800/1112 takers)
  • July 2016: Tuesday, November 1 (62% pass rate (422/684 takers)
  • July 2015: Thursday, October 15 (44% pass rate) (130/296 takers)
  • July 2014: Friday, October 17 (33% pass rate) (87/264 takers)
  • July 2013: Thursday, October 24 (47% pass rate) (115/247 takers)
  • July 2012: Wednesday, October 31 (53% pass rate) (111/210 takers)
  • July 2011: Thursday, October 27  (47% pass rate) (97/208 takers)
  • July 2010: Monday, October 18 (41% pass rate) (97/237 takers)

Because there were over double the amount of takers in July in 2016 and because D.C .switched to the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE), D.C. took until November 1 to release results. They also released them a little later in July 2017 and July 2018. (Indeed, the number of takers more than doubled again between 2016 and 2018!) We suspect that the number of bar exam takers will continue to remain high in October 2020 and that the results release date will continue to be later rather than earlier—especially since the exam will be later, and online! (If you are wondering why the number of D.C. takers has increased, we suspect it is because (a) D.C. is a Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) jurisdiction and (b) D.C. allows bar takers to “transfer” MBE scores or written scores from other states where an examinee may have failed before. Check out this post for more information.)

What will the passage rate for the October 2020 Washington D.C. Bar Exam be?

We think it will remain around the same as last July. The July 2018 D.C. bar exam results had a pass rate of 67%. This was down from 72% the year before. (Before July 2016, the July pass rate has hovered between 33% and 53% since 2010). The amount of D.C. Bar Exam takers has increased significantly and this may or may not affect the pass rates! BUT, this could change in light of COVID-19!

Note that the February rates have consistently been lower, even as the amount of bar exam takers has increased, as you can see below.

February bar exam release dates
and the number of takers

How will you find out whether you passed the D.C. bar exam?

You will be notified of your exact score via mail. An alphabetical list of successful applicants will be posted in the office of the Clerk on the second floor of the Courthouse. This list will also be posted on the D.C. website here.

Note: We heard last time that if you only took the essay portion of the bar exam, that your name was not posted and instead you were alerted by mail whether you passed. If you have other information regarding this, please let us know in the comments below or email us at [email protected] so we can keep this post updated!

I’m worried I failed! Can I reserve a spot for tutoring or a course? 

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Yes. If you are reading this pre-bar exam, you can reach out to us ASAP for tutoring. If you are reading this post-bar exam, you are still welcome to reserve a spot for one of our courses or services. The best deal that we offer for your money is our highly regarded, small group Uniform Bar Exam Course. It also fills up the most quickly as spots are very limited. So we highly recommend early application or reservation. It is tailored to exactly what is tested on the Uniform Bar exam. Note: You are not required to use the spot if you temporarily reserve the spot. It will merely be held for you.

If you are one of the lucky ones that only needs to take the essay portion of the D.C. Bar Exam, you should also check out our myriad additional resources, including our MEE One-Sheets (for sale in our online store), an MEE Seminar and our MEE Course. We also offer private tutoring for the UBE. Note: we limit the number of students for private tutoring and that can attend our Seminar and course so we recommend you reserve your spot early.

Note, just because you reserve a spot (as your plan B!)  does not mean you will “jinx yourself!” In fact, most of our students who reserve a with us end up not needing it (even though they are convinced they failed!). Why is this? It is because feelings do not correlate with results! This is is why—even if you are absolutely convinced you failed—you may have indeed passed! Please see this post about how to deal with worrying about bar exam results before they are released!  You are also welcome to contact us if you find you cannot stop worrying.

If you want to come up with your “plan B” early, read this post: “I failed the Washington D.C. Bar Exam. What should I do?”  Having a plan B will help relieve anxiety while you wait for results.

Wondering what to do while you wait for October 2020 Washington D.C. Bar Exam results?

While you wait for your October 2020 Washington D.C. Bar Exam results to be released, we recommend that you read these articles:

  • Plan a nice post-bar exam vacation (or “bar moon” as some call it). Anywhere. Being in an in-between stage of your life can be difficult in some ways, but in other ways, it gives you an excuse to take a break!
  • Figure out a plan of attack for if you fail and if you pass. We have some stellar ideas on “The Art of Waiting for Bar Exam Results.” This will help you come up with your plan A and plan B.
  • We have some work-related articles here that discuss how to start your own business, how to start your own law firm, polishing up your Linkedin profile, etc. These are especially useful if you are looking to put themselves in the best position to get a job while waiting for bar exam results.

If you failed the bar exam:

If you passed the bar exam:

Good luck waiting for October 2020 Washington D.C. Bar Exam results!!

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