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Are you beginning your preparation for the Michigan bar exam and wondering where you can find past Michigan bar exam essay questions?

If you are wondering where to find past Michigan bar exam essay questions and model answers, look no further than this post! We will tell you which resources you should consult to make the most of your bar exam essay preparation.

Best Sources for Past Michigan Bar Exam Essay Questions

  • First, note that the past exam questions and model answers for Michigan Bar Exams from February 2009 until July 2019 (as of this date) are online on the Michigan Board of Law Examiners’ website (look at the right side of the page). Thus, you will be able to find the most recent bar exam questions online, at your fingertips, for free!
  • Note most commercial courses will provide you with past essays. For example, JD Advising provides students with past essays from 1990 on. So, you can always consult your commercial course as well.

The Board of Law Examiners’ website is arranged by year, not subject. So, if you want to practice Torts essays, you will have to do a lot of digging! At that point, it makes more sense to purchase essays from a commercial course, where you will find the essays organized by subject. (Please consult with the course first and ask how many essays they provide and if they are organized by subject.)

The Michigan Board members highly recommend that you review past essays. It is one of the best ways to improve your bar exam score. 

If you are interested in an overview of the highly-tested areas on the essay portion of the Michigan Bar Exam, as well as an essay approach and several years’ worth of past essays, please click here to buy our book, How to Pass the Michigan Bar Exam.

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