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Here, we have a list of past Multistate Essay Exam (MEE) questions and answers. Many of these are free resources. We list some options of where you can find past MEEs for purchase at the end of the page.

Note that the first resource we have is past MEEs with answers promulgated by the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE). This is an excellent resource because it gives you a breakdown of exactly how the Examiners envision you answering the question as well as how much each portion of the question is worth (e.g., issue one is worth 20%, issue two is worth 50%, etc.). We also list additional sources for questions with Examiners’ analyses available for purchase at the bottom of the post.  

The other resources (from New York, Arkansas, and Minnesota) have the questions and representative student answers. These are still useful resources but sometimes student answers are not wholly correct so it is not wise to solely rely on them.

Free past MEEs with answers from the NCBE

Here are links to past MEEs with answers from the NCBE—the organization that writes the MEE.

Free past MEEs with student answers from state boards

Free past MEEs with student answers from New York

(You can view links to find past MEEs for all exams with student answers here. Remember that New York did not administer the MEE until July 2016!)

Free past MEEs with student answers from Arkansas

(You can view links to find past MEEs for all exams with student answers here.)

Free past MEEs with student answers from Minnesota:

Note: Please scroll down for past MEEs on most of these.

(You can view links to all find all past MEEs with student answers here.)

Where to purchase past MEEs

  • JD Advising online store: We have MEE books for sale electronically or in print form! Our books are organized by subject.
  • The NCBE has them available for $15-$20 per exam here. (Exams from July 2013 to February 2018 are offered.)

A few other MEE posts and resources

Here are a few other MEE posts you may be interested in:

We also offer several MEE services, including a MEE Course (which covers highly tested MEE subjects), and a MEE Seminar that covers the highly tested areas of law on the MEE as well as predictions! We recommend early application if you are interested in these options. We also have highly regarded MEE One-Sheets and essay feedback.

  • Looking for MEE Help?

    We offer the following MEE products and services:

    • An MEE course, which comes with five MEE sessions, all outlines for the MEE specific subjects, essay feedback and our popular MEE One-Sheets.
    • An MEE seminar for those looking for an overview of the highly-tested areas of the MEE and our predictions of what we think will be tested on the MEE.
    • MEE Private Tutoring for those seeking one-on-one help to pass the MEE.
    • MEE One-Sheets, for those looking for a high-level review of the highly-tested areas condensed on one page, front and back.
    • MEE Feedback for those seeking substantive and organizational review of practice questions.

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