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Where To Find The Best Bar Exam Questions

Practicing with the best bar exam questions is the ideal way to boost your bar exam score.  At JD Advising, we believe that the MBE best bar exam questions are those released by the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE).  Using these questions ensures that you have experience analyzing fact patterns written by those who will be writing your MBE.  You want to have exposure to the style of writing and the question patterns that the Examiners like to use.  The more familiar you are with these questions on exam day, the less surprises you will encounter!

Where To Find The Best Bar Exam Questions

Unfortunately, obtaining a sufficient number of released MBE questions can be difficult and expensive.  Additionally, many commercial courses DO NOT offer released MBE questions in their courses, or only offer a limited amount.  It is critical that you are aware of what kind of practice questions your course uses so that you can supplement with the best bar exam questions if you need to.

If you want a brief exposure to the best bar exam questions, or want to view a few free ones before you commit to purchasing more, the NCBE offers some sample questions on their website.  You can view 21 sample MBE questions here, although these do not come with explanations for each answer choice.

Over the years, the NCBE has released sets of MBE questions that have been retired from use on the actual exam.  These questions can get pricey though, and that is one reason why many courses choose to write their own MBE questions instead.  JD Advising is pleased to offer the best bar exam questions to all of our course students as we believe practice with these questions is essential.  Any students who take our course will have full access to over 1,500 released MBE questions through our MBE QBank.  Be sure to check out our UBE course, Michigan bar exam course, or MBE course – all of which come with released MBE questions!

What if I don’t want to purchase a course?

Want access to the best bar exam questions without purchasing a course?  You can purchase access to our same MBE QBank that our course students receive!  Our MBE QBank is a phenomenal system for MBE practice.  You can create custom practice sets by designated how many questions from each subject you want to practice.  The system will track your accuracy both overall and within each subject.  Explanations are provided for every answer choice. You also have the ability to make notes on the questions you complete.  Lastly, we have six different 100-question exams for you to complete in order to make sure you have the proper timing necessary to complete each section of the MBE in under three hours!  So, learn more about our MBE QBank here. Sign up for a free trial to receive access to 100 simulated MBE questions!

  • Looking for MBE Help?

    We offer the following MBE products and services:

    • An MBE course, which comes with several MBE sessions, all 7 MBE outlines, our MBE diagnostic, MBE guide, and MBE one-sheets!
    • MBE private tutoring for those seeking one-on-one help to pass the MBE.
    • Real MBE questions! We offer the latest NCBE-released questions!
    • Our MBE favorites series, which dissects the “favorite” issues the MBE tests. You have instant access to them online!
    • An MBE Seminar for those looking for strategies to improve their MBE score.
    • An MBE guide, which has a guaranteed 7-point score increase.
    • An MBE diagnostic for those who are having trouble determining why their scores are not increasing.

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