Which states administer the MPT?

which jurisdictions administer the mpt

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Which states administer the multistate performance test (MPT)?

As of 2017, 45 jurisdictions administer the MPT! Three jurisdictions will soon also be using the multistate performance test as a component of their exam (Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Kentucky) making the MPT a component of the vast majority of state bar exams. 

Note that some jurisdictions, such as California, administer a performance test, but it is not technically called an “MPT” or “multistate performance test” because the state invents its own performance test, rather than using one invented by the National Conference of Bar Examiners.

Will more states administer the MPT? 

With more states adopting the Uniform Bar Exam or considering a performance test as a component of its exam, we expect that eventually, every state will administer the MPT portion or something like it.

How much is the MPT portion worth?

In Uniform Bar Exam states, it is worth 20% of an examinee’s score. In most non-Uniform Bar Exam states, it is worth about 10% of an examinee’s score.

What is the MPT?

The MPT is different than most other bar exam components as it is a “closed universe” test. That is, you are not expected to know any law going into the MPT. Rather, the law is given to you in a “library” and facts are given to you in a “file.” You will then be told to complete a lawyerly task, such as drafting a memo, brief, or letter. For more information on what the MPT is, please see this post.

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