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Which States are Delaying or Modifying the July 2021 Bar Exam?

Which States are Delaying or Modifying the July 2021 Bar Exam?

Which states are delaying or modifying the July 2021 bar exam? The NCBE has announced a remote option for July 2021 takers. To get an idea of what states did for the last bar administration (February 2021), check out this post.

UPDATE 6/2/21: February 2022 exams will be in-person only, according to the NCBE.

Which States are Delaying or Modifying the July 2021 Bar Exam?

States may decide relatively soon whether to postpone or modify the July 2021 bar exam. The NCBE has its own post that it is updating here.

For your convenience, here we list the jurisdictions as well as their decisions to keep the July 2021 bar exam scheduled as-is in July 2021, or to delay it, or to modify it somehow. We will keep this post updated as states make decisions!

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    Rachel Margiewicz

    You’ll need to check out the Bar Examiner’s website for the specific jurisdiction you’re taking the exam in to find out this information. The information should be there when it is available. Keep in mind, it may not be released yet for July. For example, here is a link to the New Jersey July 2021 schedule detailing breaks throughout the day. All jurisdictions do give a lunch break. https://www.njbarexams.org/faq


    I was curious to find out what the schedule is when you write the bar exam online. I have heard that in some jurisdictions you take a break after 50 questions on the MBE day and a break after three essays on the MEE day but I can’t find this in writing.
    I just found out that I did not pass after writing it in person twice and I’m frustrated with the process and it was suggested to me to write it online as that’s how I have studied for it with all my practice and mbe questions.

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