which states will adopt the uniform bar exam next

Which States Will Adopt the Uniform Bar Exam Next?

There is a lot of speculation over which states will adopt the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) next. Adopting the Uniform Bar Exam is not done overnight. Often, the state will appoint a task force or committee that will make a recommendation on whether the state should adopt the bar exam after completing a study that generally lasts at least a year. Further, even after that recommendation is made, the state may not adopt the bar exam instantly.

Many states wait a year or longer to officially administer the Uniform Bar Exam after deciding to adopt it. This gives students a fair warning that the bar exam will be changing!

This post is updated as of July 2020.

Please check here for a list of the states that have adopted the UBE!

Which States Will Adopt the Uniform Bar Exam Next?

Now that Texas has adopted the Uniform Bar Exam, there is a lot of speculation that the states surrounding Texas will also adopt it.

These include:

  • Oklahoma (which has appointed a committee to review whether the UBE should be adopted)
  • Louisiana (which currently has a very strange and difficult bar exam which does not include the MBE!)
  • Mississippi (which currently offers all parts of the Uniform Bar Exam but is not a UBE state)

Indiana is also a state that is considering adopting the Unifrom Bar Exam. A commission was appointed and a commission report is due on December 1, 2019. We suspect that the report will recommend the adoption of the Uniform Bar Exam.

States like California and Florida and many states that are scattered throughout the map have not yet considered adopting the Uniform Bar Exam.


If you have any comments, questions, or inside information on this topic, please feel free to post below. With the Uniform Bar Exam being adopted at such a rapid rate across the United States, it is hard to keep up!

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