Practice For The MPRE

Why You Must Practice For The MPRE!

Are you preparing to take the Model Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE)?  In this post, we discuss the importance of completing practice questions before you sit for the exam!

Why You Must Practice For The MPRE!

Do I need to answer practice questions before the test?

The short answer is yes!  Many students are under the impression that the MPRE is an easy test that you don’t need to study for because you can simply apply common sense to the questions.  While common sense can certainly help you, we strongly recommend that you approach the MPRE with a solid understanding of the rules being tested and the way in which they are tested to boost your chances of obtaining a passing score the first time you take it!

Become Familiar with the Structure of the Questions

The MPRE is comprised of 60 multiple choice questions.  Multiple choice questions can be tricky!  The fact patterns can be convoluted and the writers include incorrect choices that are intended to trick you.  Becoming familiar with the patterns of MPRE questions and the types of answer choices you will see will prepare you so that you can answer the questions based on the substantive issues being tested, and not get tricked by the structure of the question.

Further, there are certain MPRE key words and phrases that you should be aware of. Practicing MPRE questions will help you become familiar with these key words and phrases.

Work on Timing

Another great reason to practice MPRE questions is that this is a timed test.  You will have 2 hours to answer 60 multiple choice questions.  This equates to approximately 2 minutes per question.  Every administration, students fail the MPRE because they simply ran out of time and did not finish the entire exam.  To avoid this from happening, work on timing before you sit for the actual exam.  Make sure you are able to answer an MPRE question in 2 minutes.  Even if you don’t have time to complete an entire 60-question practice test, try doing a smaller set of questions under timed conditions (e.g., try 10 questions in 20 minutes).

Know What Will Be Tested

MRPE questions focus more heavily on certain rules than others.  Completing practice questions will allow you to see which sub-topics are more heavily tested, and, within sub-topics, the types of rules that are tested.  For instance, an MPRE question could ask you to identify the nuanced exceptions to the prohibition against disclosing information protected by the attorney-client privilege.  Practice questions will allow you to see these types of nuances that are often tested in MPRE questions. See our MPRE topic frequency chart here.

Understand How the MPRE is Different from Your Professional Responsibility Course

Did you take a Professional Responsibility course before taking the MPRE?  If so, that is a great resource for understanding the type of material you need to know for the MPRE.  However, Professional Responsibility courses tend to focus on the ethics rules for the jurisdiction in which the law school sits.  The MPRE, by contrast, tests the Model Rules of Professional Conduct.  Practice questions will help you see the differences that you will need to know for the MPRE.  Also, maybe your law professor wrote his/her own multiple choice questions for the class.  That is good practice, but those questions might not be structured the same as the actual MPRE questions.

Which brings us to the next point . . .

Use REAL MPRE Questions to Practice!

Make sure you look at some REAL, released MPRE questions as you are practicing!  Real questions are the best resource to prepare you for the types of questions you will see on the MPRE.  If you are wondering where to find real MPRE questions, refer to our blog post on Where to Find Real MPRE Questions here. If you are looking for additional MPRE questions, enroll in our free MPRE course. You can enroll here!

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