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july 2016 michigan bar exam resultsWhen will the July 2016 Michigan Bar Exam Results be Released? Already wondering when the July 2016 Michigan Bar Exam Results will be released? Us too! The Michigan Board of Law Examiners likes to tell people that Michigan Bar Exam results are released mid-November. But they are usually released closer to the end of October. The earliest results release date for the Michigan July bar exam in the last seven years was October 12 (in 2011). The latest was the November 6th (in 2014).

We predict that the release date will be sometime in mid-to-late October due to the lower number of applicants (as well as the fact that they have likely gotten used to that strange grading formula that they started following a few years ago). Below is the research that we did. To be thorough, we listed the days that results were mailed (mostly because people have this erroneous notion that they are only released on Thursdays!), as well as the date they were mailed and the number of applicants taking the exam.

Past Release Dates for the July Michigan Bar Exam Results: 

  • July 2015 – Results released online Thursday 10/21/15. Results posted on  Wednesday 10/30/15. (811 total applicants)
  • July 2014 – Results released online Thursday 11/6/14. Results posted on  Wednesday 11/12/14. (953 total applicants)
  • July 2013 – Results mailed Thursday 10/24/13; Results posted Tuesday 10/29/13 (1007 total applicants)
  • July 2012 – Results mailed on Thursday 10/25/12; Results posted Monday 10/29/12 (967 total applicants)
  • July 2011 – Results mailed Wednesday 10/12/11; Results posted Monday 10/17/11 (888 total applicants)
  • July 2010 – Results mailed Wednesday 10/13/10; Results posted Monday 10/18/10 (782 total applicants)
  • July 2009 – Results mailed Tuesday 10/27/09; Results posted Wednesday 10/28/09 (800 total applicants)
  • July 2008 – Results mailed Friday 10/31/08; Results posted Wednesday 11/5/08 (879 total applicants)
  • July 2007 – Results mailed Wednesday 10/31/07; Results posted Monday 11/5/07 (848 total applicants)

The average Michigan bar exam results release date is October 25th.

The number of applicants were a little lower  this July – there appeared to be around 750 total applicants.  Thus, we predict results will be mailed (and posted by seat number) near the end of October (somewhere in the 20’s, we suspect). Our formal prediction is Thursday, October 20. But you can decide for yourself when you think they will be released. (If you have your own prediction of when the July 2016 Michigan bar exam results will be released, let us know in the comments below :))

Will the July 2016 Michigan
bar exam results be posted online?

Yes, the Michigan Board of Law Examiner’s states on their website that results will be posted by seat number on the day that results are mailed. (In case you are wondering where they reveal that results are released, they make an announcement right here on the home page of their website.) Note: This is the seat you were actually sitting in – which may be different than the seat you were originally assigned.

If you do not remember your seat number, you will most likely have to the wait for the mail to arrive with your score. The BLE has recently adopted a policy of not telling examinees their seat numbers.

What time of day are the Michigan
bar exam results posted online?

The last couple of times, results have been released between 2:30 PM and 3:00 PM. They have virtually always been released by seat number in the afternoon (between 12:00 and 4:30). For the February 2016 administration, results were posted at 2:30. For the July 2015 administration, results were posted at 2:47.

Will I be able to find out if I passed the July 2016 Michigan
bar exam if I don’t have Character and Fitness clearance?

Yes. For the last four bar exams, the Michigan Board of Law Examiners released the seat numbers of everyone who passed the bar exam – including those who had not yet passed the MPRE or Character and Fitness. (This is relatively new – they had not done that before.) So it appears that you will be able to find out whether you passed as soon as results are posted, regardless of if you are still waiting for Character and Fitness clearance.

(One exception is if you have not submitted a valid law school certification your results will not be listed by seat number. However, the number of students in this category is few and far between.)

Even if your seat number is listed, if you have not passed Character and Fitness clearance or have another roadblock to becoming licensed, your name will not, however, appear on the list of names that they publish around five days after seat numbers are posted.

I don’t have the time, energy, or desire to constantly
refresh the BLE website. Can you just tell me when the
July 2016 Michigan bar exam results are released?

Yes! Please send us your email or your phone number if you want to know first! We are usually among the very first to know when Michigan bar exam results are released and we are happy to text you or email you when they are out!

When results are out, we will send a short email or text to you announcing the release of results. We will not share your information with anyone (nor will we send group emails or group texts − we will notify each person individually!). Further, we will not sign you up for our newsletter or anything else. We will simply send a short notification when results are out then leave you alone!

To sign up for our #KnowFirst campaign, just text KNOWFIRSTJ to 77222 to be added to our contact list. We’ll text you as soon as July results are released!

If you happen to find out results before we do, please let us know!

I’m Worried I Failed! Can I Reserve a Spot for Tutoring or an Appeal? 

Yes, you can. We frequently have bar exam takers reserve a seat for our full-service Michigan Bar Exam Class. So, we highly recommend you apply early if you are interested in this, as the February 2017 and July 2017 class are already filling up. We are thrilled to announce that we had a 100% passage rate for our class in February!

You can also reserve your spot for private tutoring for the Michigan bar exam. These spots also fill up quickly!

Lastly, you have the option to reserve your spot for a  bar exam appeal. We wrote half of the passing appeals for the July 2015 bar exam and hope to continue our impressive record this July as well!

However, we want to say that just because you are worried, does not mean you failed. Feelings do not correlate with results! We frequently have students reserve spots (because they are absolutely convinced that they failed) and then not need them. Please see this post about how to deal with worrying about bar exam results before they are released!  You are also welcome to call us (248-228-5547) or email us if you find you cannot stop worrying!

I’m Bored. What else Should I do
while I’m Waiting for Results?

We have a few ideas!

Good luck waiting for bar exam results!!

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